Monday, April 4, 2011

TOS Review: Go Go Kabongo

HSCrew468x60AnimatedWe were recently given the opportunity to review Go Go Kabongo: an on-line world of brain-boosting games for reading, recommended for ages 4-7.

Kabongo has several different habitats for play – as part of our review we were given access to the Twister Top habitat, as well as Laughter Lake and Galaxy Gardens (their two free habitats).

IMG_0018The kabongo games focus is on developing the thinking skills and abilities a child needs to have in place in order to read. There are no right or wrong answers, rather the focus is on developing strategies, mental focus, organizing information, increasing short term memory – and other skills needed for reading. Treyton never considered these games “school” but just fun games to play on the computer.

Kabongo offers a variety of games to play each with different strategies for example: taking pictures of animals, sorting shapes, recreating patterns, finding letters to make words, and much more.

Our Review:

Treyton really enjoyed playing these games. There was a good variety for him to play, and he was able to navigate the site completely on his own. This was such a great tool to have for those times that I wanted Treyton to be doing good school but didn’t have any formal school planned.

image Though I wouldn’t consider it an educational part of the Kabongo world, Treyton particularly liked changing his avatar’s appearance. He got a real kick out of all the accessory options, and he would come up with the most wild combinations!

As a parent, I loved receiving the progress reports. It told me which games Treyton played, the levels he played, and what skills those games focused on.

imageThere were a few times that Treyton got frustrated with the mouse arrow because it would disappear. We couldn’t figure out why it would do that, how to prevent it or an easy way to fix it. I would have to refresh the page which would then start Treyton’s game over. This was minor, and didn’t happen too often, but it could be a little frustrating.

image To Purchase:

Normally you are able to play one habitat for free, but for a limited time you can play two-habitats (6 games) by signing up here!!

For the final habitat (Twister Top) there is a one-time cost of $4.95 per with no subscription fee.

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Disclaimer: I received complimentary access to the “twister top” habitat as part of my involvement with the TOS Crew the opinions expressed are my own.

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