Friday, April 22, 2011

TOS Review: See the Light Art Class


Product Description & Review:

We were recently given the opportunity to review is a video art curriculum called Art Class through See the Light.


We received the first DVD in the imageseries “Art Class Volume 1: Lessons 1-4” ($14.99). These videos gave us the opportunity to take art lessons from an actual art teacher. The 4 sessions we participated in were called: Tools of the Trade, It all Starts with a Line, Contours & Composition, and Draw What you See, plus there was a bonus lesson: Chalk-It-Easy

Each session includes step by step art tutorials. The video lessons were helpful in that you could easily pause, rewind or replay any section you needed to.    IMG_0115Not having any artistic drawing skills of my own, I feel like I am a fellow student alongside of Treyton and as such, I find this approach easy to follow and I looked forward to the lessons. Something I really liked about this program were the famous artist examples (like Picasso) for specific skills (like contour lines). image

The teacher, Pat, spoke clearly, slowly and in simple enough terms for any child (or adult, in my case) to understand, rarely did we need to stop, rewind or replay parts of the videos. They were easy to follow and pay attention to.

We have used other types of art programs similar to this one but what made this one so unique and great is how each art lesson is tied back to the Word of God.IMG_0117 While Treyton was certainly stretched by the sessions and he wants to draw well, he doesn’t want to have to work at getting better, he wants it to come naturally. (Don’t we all?) The great thing about this program is that sessions were focused on only 1 or 2 simple concepts in a short 15-minute segment which prevented any frustration. IMG_0119In the above picture Treyton is working on drawing the contour lines of this apple without looking at the paper. It takes practice to train the mind to direct the hand to draw what the eye actually sees. This was a practical and simple exercise that Treyton practiced several times between session 2 and 3.

The concepts we covered are considered basic (by some :) ), but for us, it is where we needed to start, if you or your children have some experience and/or artistic talent you could possibly start further into the series with one of the other disks – topics covered include:

  • Black & White Contrast
  • Tone, Shade & Shadow
  • Proportions
  • Scale
  • Texture
  • 3D
  • Symmetry
  • Circles 

If you don’t have an art program that you’re fully satisfied you should check these out. Start here by checking out these “freeviews” (or free lessons).


Also, while on the website I noticed a free DVD offer which is definitely worth your time, all you have to do is complete the form!


An individual DVD (like the one I reviewed) costs $14.99, or you can purchase the full-year 9 disk set for $99.00 on their site.


Visit the TOS Crew Blog to see what my fellow TOS Crew members had to say about the Art Class Program.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this DVD for the purpose of this review as part of my membership of the TOS CREW, the opinions expressed are my own.


Kelly said...

What a great review. I really liked the picture of your son concentrating and drawing the contours. That was hard for my girls too.

Wendy R said...

Nice review. Love the pictures of your boy working on his artwork! Very sweet. My young'uns enjoyed the lessons, too, even my 17 yo. :-)