Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tot School (Week 29): Mouse Shapes

Tot School gets it’s own individual post this week because since getting back into school Alexa and I have been taking her “school” more seriously. :)

Alexa continues to amaze me. I know I say this almost every week but it’s true. She’s super smart which is great for both of us because she has no desire for me to teach her. She’s incredibly independent and refuses to admit if she doesn’t know something.

This sounds like it would mean she doesn’t like doing organized school, but that’s not true at all. She desperately wants as much one-on-one time with mom as she can get working on her own school. She loves her “big girl school” and she begs to do school. She just prefers to run/control the things that we are doing and doesn’t like me to interfere to much, but to sit, observe and answer any questions she has.

Her favorite activity was flashcards this week. Sounds boring I know but she LOVES it. She begs me to go through them with her.


  • She now knows all of her shapes except rectangles.
  • All of her colors.
  • Most of her numbers 1-10, she still needs work with 6, 7, 9 and 10 but can sometimes get them on her own.


We read the book “Mouse Shapes” every day this week I guess you can say we “rowed” it. IMG_0012It is a story about mice hiding from a cat in a pile of shapes, they make all different things from the different shapes.  IMG_0014The first day we read the book we used our Melissa and Doug Magnetic Pattern Block set to make matching objects. IMG_0032This was a lot of fun and gave us lots of practice with our basic shapes. 

The second day I had paper shapes that we made crafts with and glued on to a piece of white paper. IMG_0084I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Lexie so proud of something she’s made. She insisted on doing most of it herself, I was only allowed to help point out where she should place a piece (not to be confused with helping her place it). I also was allowed to help her tape the back of the pieces because she was unable to do it herself.

A Mouse & A Wagon IMG_0139

A House, Tree & Sun IMG_0131

A Fish IMG_0138


Lexie continues to focus her number activities with the Confessions of a Homeschooler number game I printed a while ago.


I also printed off some do-a-dot pages for her from Making Learning Fun this week which proved to be a HUGE hit with her.



She did several color matching activities this week – a couple solar system ones I printed out for our unit as well as Erica’s from Confessions of a Homeschooler Color Puzzles.


I enjoy working on the color review with her but she really doesn’t need it anymore. IMG_0096Not only does she know all of her colors, she knows most of her family’s favorite colors which she will include in her declaration:

  • “Pink – Princess’ favorite”
  • “Orange – Train’s favorite”
  • “Green – Mama’s favorite”
  • “Purple – Daddy-O’s favorite”
  • “Yellow – Mommer’s favorite”

Fine Motor Skills IMG_0104

Building, building and building – does it get any better for a 2 1/2 year old? Lexie has been working on building a tall tower on her own for a while now. IMG_0107 She usually ends up tipping it over before she can get ALL of the blocks on – well this week she finally overcame that.

IMG_0108 And being the sweet little sister that she is, she allowed Treyton to help her knock it over. IMG_0109


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Tiff said...

What a fun week!=)

Carisa said...

she is precious!!! I love the Mouse Shapes artwork!