Friday, April 8, 2011

Volcano Unit, Links & Lapjournal

We finished our Volcano Unit a couple of weeks, Treyton loved it. (What boy wouldn’t?). I wrote about our unit in the the three weekly updates that covered our Volcano Unit (Weeks 24 & 25 and Week 26) that you can check out to see more.

Read-Alouds & Favorite Books:

Lap-Journal Pieces/Printables:

Volcano Volcabulary:

  • Magma
  • Lava
  • Erupt
  • Steam

Discussion Questions:

  • Are Volcanoes Dangerous? Why or Why Not?
  • What Makes a Volcano erupt?
  • Where does the Hot Lava come from?

Activity Ideas:

  • Label a large volcano diagram


  • Make an Earth Layer Demonstration with Construction Paper – idea from WUHS. Take three different sized-colored circles and made an example of the earth’s layers (the crust, the core and the mantra). Take a picture of the earth and cut it in half to place over our layers for the “full affect”.


  • Illustrate How Volcanoes Change the Earth:  After talking about how volcanoes are formed, and how it’s the lava cooling over and over again that actually creates the volcanic mountain we see, but that its not how it starts. We took a cup, cut a hole in the bottom, put a tube of toothpaste in it, place dirt in the cup and gently squeeze out the toothpaste. As we squeezed out the toothpaste, we were able to watch the dirt rise up and form a “mountain”. A great example of how volcanoes change the earth.


  • Create our own volcano



Finished Lapjournal:

As we went through our unit and learned new things about volcanoes we would add information and pieces to our lapjournal.

Treyton and I are both loving the lapjournal approach that we are now using (in lieu of lapbooks/folders). I purchased a bunch of blank books from Bare Books and we now use them for all of our units and themes.

Here are the finished pages from our volcano lapjournal:


Cover PageIMG_0483  IMG_0465


IMG_0470 Volcano Vocabulary (as you can probably tell, I drew these volcanoes myself).

IMG_0471The Layers of the Earth – which we did in Weeks 24 & 25

IMG_0472 I believe I got this flip book from the crayola site.




IMG_0476 I got this page from our Evan Moore Beginning Geography book. 




IMG_0480 I can’t remember but I think I got this page from the Evan Moore book as well. Treyton had to illustrate and write a story about a sleeping giant (volcano) waking up: he basically retold the story of Pompeii: Buried Alive.




Alexis said...

Love it!! The Notebook is absolutely fantastic. Great job Treyton (and mom). I notice you are using the spiral bound books for your notebooks - what size did you get (# of pages?) I looked at them but didn't know if 24 would be enough or too many and then you know me - extra pages in the back of the book would cause a compulsion to fill them up!! Any thoughts much appreciated.

Susana said...

This is an awesome unit study! I love all that you did.

I just decided last week to go unit study in Science with Joe beginning our final quarter of the school year in May. We, too, are going to lapjournal. I am going to use blank pages and then have them bound just like your books are at Staples after each unit.

I've been enjoying catching up on all y'all have been up to the last few weeks. You have such a fun homeschool!!

Mary said...

Great job! The notebook looks fabulous. We did Volcanoes last year and we had so much fun!

Tiff said...

Great unit study!! Loved the notebook!=)