Thursday, April 14, 2011

Week 27 & 28: Solar System, Continents & Positions


This is our last week learning about all 7 continents (together), next week we start our study on Africa. I got two simple continent books from the library that we read this week. IMG_0513

We talked about which continent we would like to visit. Treyton had a hard time making a decision and I can’t actually remember which one he decided on but his two options were Asia or South America. He wanted to go to South America because that is where Deysi lives (our World Vision girl that share’s Treyton’s birthday).

The Beginning Geography book that we’ve been reviewing has been great, we’ve both really enjoyed it.



We learned about the Solar System this week. I found a solar system model at Michaels on sale for $7.00 I picked it up and painted it for our studies (and while I did NOT enjoy the prep work of painting it) it was very helpful in our studies.


We read several books about the Solar System, including a couple of Children’s Encyclopedia’s.


He’s picking up a lot from the books we’ve read. A few things we touched on included:

  • Constellations – you can connect the stars together like dot-to-dot to make different shapes
  • Our Sun is a star – it only seems bigger because it is closer
  • Our earth goes around the sun in 1 year
  • Our earth spins around once a day
  • Outer space is bigger than anything we can imagine
  • There are 8 planets (and there used to be 9).
  • Saturn is the only one with rings around it.

I think Treyton and I were both surprised by how much we’ve enjoyed learning about the solar system.

We started putting together our lapjournal, which is also going to include Lexie’s tot-school pieces for our solar system studies as well.

Our first project was to take some printable planets and put them in order on a fold out piece of paper in the back of our lapjournal.




We also went ahead and cut out our planet cards to review with and put in order whenever we want.



There is going to be a more detailed post about this coming soon, but for now I will just say, we have been paying extra attention to stretching and increasing Treyton’s language and word usage. One primary way we’ve been trying to do this is to identify words that we use that Treyton may not understand the meaning of. This can be a little tricky because he doesn’t always acknowledge if he doesn’t understand what you’re saying.

Once we identify a word (for example: hilarious), we will tell him the meaning of it and re-use it in a sentence. Throughout the day we try to use it again at various times so that he can see it in context.

Eventually Treyton picks up on the word and he uses it on his own. This process has been working really well.


We learned about what homophones were this week. Treyton LOVED this! He even brought it up randomly when we were out one day he came up and said “Hey mom, it’s like that home-phone ‘sun’ like” (he pointed up) “and son, like Jesus.”

Treyton also finished his Usborne Reader “Frog on a Log” this week which he was so proud of. Reading is not his easiest subject but he wants it so badly that he keeps going and getting better and better. IMG_0003

My mom made us a set of blending blocks, which Treyton put to good use, rolling different combinations and then copying them down. Afterward we went through and circled which words were actual words.



The best part of the past two weeks of school was that one morning Treyton decided he wanted to write his own song so he told me what he wanted


God is a Rock, God is a Rock,

Where do you want to build your house on rock or sand?

The wrong decision or right decision.

1 – 2 – 3 choose! Make the right decision! 


We continue to fill out pages in Treyton’s “All About Me” Lapjournal. The latest one being about all his favorite things… he loves to talk about all his favorite things, so this was more like a game than an assignment :)

IMG_0447 IMG_0448 


Wedgits – we love wedgits! Or at least Lexie does this week. She has been very good at building all different things using her best imagination.

IMG_0449 IMG_0452


IMG_0453 While Treyton was illustrating his Bible Notebook Lexie wanted to draw too. After drawing some circles and then coloring them (in the lines, no less) she said she wanted to draw a person.


Treyton was sweet enough to show her how – here it is – her first stick person!

IMG_0455         IMG_0487 

I also handed Lexie a letter Aa worksheet which she had fun with.

IMG_0489 IMG_0001

Here she is practicing her letter A, which at this point looks more like a triangle but I’m proud of her effort.

One morning Lexie asked for a handful of coins which she put in a box of that she later sorted out in all different ways. Such a fun activity, I wish I would have come up with it myself.



On Friday (of week 27) we went to the Local Children’s Museum. The kids had tons of fun playing with all of the exhibits. What a great resource we have so close to home.

Water RoomIMG_0430 IMG_0434

Golf Ball Rolling IMG_0400  IMG_0409 IMG_0412

Fire TruckIMG_0414 

IMG_0415  IMG_0419

Ball Room IMG_0423

Heart SlideIMG_0428 

When I originally started writing this post I had no idea it was going to get so lengthy, it was a busy and fun two weeks!!


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