Sunday, May 15, 2011

B4FIAR: Ask Mr. Bear (Tot School Week 32)

This week we rowed the book “Ask Mr. Bear

What I discovered through the first reading was that Lexie did not know several of the more simple animals (like goat, cow, goose or pig – the pig she actually called a ‘piggy bank’). After doing our first lapbook activity (matching 6 farm animals with the sounds they make) I realized she knew even fewer animal sounds.


No problem, I thought, now I have a plan of where we’re going this week.

On Day 2 I had Lexie match the animals in the story with the product they make/offered Danny in the story. She got 2 of them right the first time we tried it and all them right the second time. IMG_0072

We read the book every day, by day three I would have Lexie introduce the animal when I turned the page, as well as say what the animal would say at the appropriate time.

On Thursday (Day 4) I used the extra pieces from the lapbook printable which were clipart of every gift the animals offered to give Danny for his mom and had Lexie put them in order as I read the story. IMG_0050I then tried to have her remember them after the story by removing one at a time and having her recall what was missing. She got the egg, the other ones she needed clues on.



One of the first things we did this week was pull out our animal toys – our beloved Shleich toys were the first thing Lexie went for. Before we started playing I simply took them out of the box, one at a time and had Lexie tell me what their names were, if she knew.


She really enjoyed this I think because Treyton REALLY wanted to do it, but I told him no, so then Lexie was all about claiming it. IMG_0149

We also took out our sound animal puzzles. Audrey loved standing up with Lexie at our train table and help work on these – and by help I mean take puzzle pieces out :)



IMG_0079Knowing that there was no better way to get Lexie excited about learning her animal names and sounds we took a field trip to the zoo on Wednesday.  IMG_0083 This made the biggest difference for her. IMG_0096Since the zoo, I have not heard her say bear, goat, giraffe or horse wrong (which is interesting because our zoo doesn’t even have a horse, but the house next to the zoo does which we talked about on our way in and out of the zoo :)). IMG_0127

We bought a pass to the zoo this year so we will be going back alot this summer!! We love the zoo!!



In the end of Ask Mr. Bear Danny’s gift to his mom was a bear hug, so we made a: Bear Hug Craft – I printed off a (teddy) bear coloring page, cut out two strips of brown paper and lexie’s hand prints out of pink construction paper.


We then taped/glued all the pieces together to make a Bear Hug picture for the front of our lapbook.


I also had Alexa make a few paper animal crafts from DLTK this week. I would cut out the pieces, lexie would tape them (with double sided tape) and I would show her where they attached, she put them together.


LETTER OF THE WEEK A is for Animals

Because she likes learning about her letters, I decided to go ahead and let her learn A this week. We will be learning about animals for the next couple of weeks to finish off our school year, then we will also start our preschool year with A is for Animals.


From the very start of the week, Lexie begged to cut whenever she saw an opportunity.  IMG_0032Lexie is actually the best 2 year old cutter I’ve ever seen, she doesn’t need much practice, she mostly just does it for fun! IMG_0060I picked up a little Kumon cutting practice book for her while I was at convention that has come in really handy to entertain her while Treyton and I are doing some of his tougher school. With minimum direction she’s able to cut out all sorts of things.


(Like I said before, we will be continuing on with animals again next week reading Eric Carle’s “Mixed Up Chameleon” but I’m not sure if I will be posting on it or not.)

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Peterson Party said...

What a fun week. We are planning to row this book next week. Thanks for the inspiration...especially with the scissors. I have been thinking I should let my two-year old start to learn how to cut, but scissors and little ones scare me! Maybe we'll get brave and add them in next week :)