Monday, May 16, 2011

Looking Ahead: Finishing Strong!

Our school year runs from June 1st – June 1st, which means in two weeks we will be finished with our current school year.

We will then take most of the month of June off and sometime near the end of June (or possibly after July 4th) we will start school back up. Once we start back up, Treyton will be in 1st Grade, Lexie will be in Preschool and Audrey in Tot School (maybe).

Until then, however, I have a few goals in mind to finish up our school year.


First, I am attempting to get as far as I can in My Father’s World First Grade so that we can hopefully start Adventures in the fall. I know that we won’t finish the First Grade curriculum before break (we are on day 87 of 160) I’m hoping to get to day 98 (The Battle of Jericho). And to then complete 30ish days in both July and August. I don’t think this is unreasonable seeings as how they have an Exploration day every 5th day that we don’t take an entire day for. Which means though we are supposed to 30 days it’s actually 24 days in each month. If we stay on schedule that means we will be able to start Adventures on September 1st.


My second main goal is that I am hoping to finish up our numbers 1-20 unit in our Singapore math. We’re more than halfway through and have completed most of the technical assignments, now we’re just mastering our skills. I plan on printing and using flashcards and drills even while we’re on break so that Treyton doesn’t “lose” all the incredible progress he’s made.


We rearranged MFW science we were supposed to be focusing on water experiments but we decided to do plants instead, because we are currently in the process of putting in our square foot gardens. We actually started the school year studying plants (with Sonlight 1 Science) so Treyton really didn’t need to go into it too in depth. We will be spending a total of two weeks on plants (one which we’ve already done) doing basically review – I’m allowing Treyton to do whatever experiments and exercises he chooses. Which as of right now is going to be starting a compost pile (ick, boys are weird, aren’t they?).  


With Lexie I am focusing on animals until the end of our school year. This week will be zoo animals, next week will be basic ocean and pond animals. Our book study this week is Eric Carle’s “The Mixed-Up Chameleon”, I’m not sure yet what I will be using for next week.

READ ALOUDS TO FINISH (along with several story books from our book basket)


I already have all of next year’s curriculum picked out, purchased and ready to go. I have at least a week worth of planning and organizing to do (for my own sanity of course). I’m already so excited for what’s ahead for us and I can only pray the kids will love it too.

I will be posting our list of what we will be using within the next month (Lord willing).

Hope that you all are finishing your year’s strong and can’t wait to hear/see what your next year’s plans are!!

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Rikki said...

Is it weird I can't wait to read your next year's curriculum list?? Ha! It's so fun to see what others are doing.