Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tot School: Part 2 – Educational Toys

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In my previous Tot Toys Post I showed lots of pictures of Lexie using her favorite toys, in this post (for the sake of time) I am going to link you to My Tot Toys Amazon Store so that you can search and look through it easier.

On My Tot Toys Amazon Store, these are the toys that we currently own and use (except for two of the tables that I could not find exact matches for).

I have toys separated out by categories (numbers, shapes, alphabet, etc.) to make it a little easier to look through – so please, take a look around, you may find some new ideas.

This is faster and easier for me as far as the links go, I hope you can understand. (BTW: if you purchase anything through my amazon store, I receive a small amount of compensation for your purchase)

However, if you have any question about any of the toys, how we use them, what we like about them or don’t like about them (if anything), just leave a comment here and I will be sure to answer you.


Toys and playing (in my opinion) is the BEST way that I have found to engage my children to want to learn. (Which by the way, is the goal of tot school.) It’s not so much what they learn, as much as that they want to learn – so keep “school” fun! Spending time playing with your child and teaching through that play is more effective than anything else that I have done. It’s also a good idea to have toys that are only to be used during tot school.


And just because I do like pictures of my daughter so much here are a few pictures of her with her using her toys in school :)

image Building didn’t come as easily for Lexie as it did for Treyton she worked a long time at building the tallest tower she could. It kept falling over before she could finish….

image when she finally got it she was so proud!!

image A favorite game she got fore Christmas, a great way to practice stacking, colors, building, counting and number recognition.

image More intricate building skills are needed when using the Cuisenaire Rods, but still lots of fun.

image Her first time using her shape puzzles, it seems like only yesterday. These were a great tool to learning our shapes. In fact, they were one of the only ways, she learned through us playing together before I even realized it, and everything else was mostly review.

image Building is good to practice at any age.

image Do – a – Dots, the possibilities are endless!!

image Building together, a great way to teach team work along with fine motor skills – not to mention patience, because all the two of them can think about is knocking their towers down!!

image Our Tea Set gets lots of use, pretend play is great!!

image Painting can get a little messy, but it’s lots of fun and I have a hard time throwing any of their first art pieces away!

image Coloring – a favorite activity for Lexie since she was very young!

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Terrence Flendersen said...

I would love to win since my daughter wants to read so badly. This would definitely help--I've even seen their phonics books at Target. I think we'd have fun picking those up and some of her favorite books as well! educational toys