Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tot School - Week 30 & 31 : Rainbows & Princesses

We focused these past two weeks on rainbows (because we were studying that in MFW), princesses and the Story of Joseph.



She painted her own rainbow alongside Treyton. She mixes a lot of her colors, which is fine, but makes it can make it a little tougher to distinguish which line is which :)


She’s a talented artist (of course I’m a little biased), she painted a few other masterpieces while she had the paints out which I gladly hung on the wall.



I decided to go ahead and have Lexie start working on the letter P (even though I was originally going to wait) because I think she’s been ready for a little while and I’ve just been trying to hold her off until we started actual preschool in June/July.


I gave her some play-doh and our play mat letter P to get a little hands-on time with the letter. She loves play-doh, and spent nearly 45 minutes putting the play-doh on and taking it off and repeating. At first I helped her roll out her snakes/lines, but after I started working with Treyton again she started putting the play-doh on in patches (she’s very creative).


Both Carissa (from 1+1+1=1) and Erica (from Confessions of a homeschooler) just released a bunch of Princess Printables which of course I printed, and knowing that Lexie would want to have princess pages to work on over-and-over again, I decided to put them in page protectors for her to use dry erase markers on. She loves using dry erase markers so this was doubly fun for her.

She practiced her numbers…



… pre-writing tracing/lines   IMG_0068    … tracing letters


…. learning the letter Pp


…. puzzles



… numerical order


…. and counting

Of course, most days she also dressed up as a princess, here she is coloring a masterpiece in her finest princess attire.   IMG_0010She had so much fun with the princesses that I will probably go ahead and let her do princesses again next week.


Something neat that we also had the opportunity to do this week was to bake, just the two of us. Lexie has baked before, but usually with big brother Treyton helping right alongside her. This particular day, we made dairy-free chocolate brownies, just the two of us, and she did almost everything on her own – from cracking the eggs to mixing and tasting the brownie batter.




She was very, very proud of them. (Totally Cute!)


Treyton learned the story of Joseph in MFW this week, and I had Lexie join us in making a Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors Craft.


She had a lot of fun coloring the coffee filter.  IMG_0011 We’ve been having lots of fun with Tot School the last several weeks, partially becomes I’ve been more deliberate with making certain we actually get it done and that I spend quality one-on-one time with just Lexa.

It has been such a blessing.


Number Do-A-Dots – I usually give her one of these during our daily board to keep her entertained. It works pretty well and she’s slowly learning the numbers she wasn’t as confident with before.

Carissa’s Princess Preschool Pack – super cute as always Carissa did a great job!!

R is for Rainbow – Confessions of a Homeschooler, great printables available.

Rainbow Lapbook by Carissa we used a few pieces of her lapbook though I actually think I used them more with Treyton I wanted to include them just in case :)

Rainbow Lapbooks linked to Little Laplinks

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Jennifer said...

What a sweet idea letting her learn the letter P while dressed up as a princess. The coffee filter craft is cute, too.