Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 30: Abraham & Rainbows

In MFW this week we studied Abraham, Sarah & Isaac as well as Rainbows.



I’m loving that we’re finally getting into more of the Bible stories and history. Treyton is doing pretty well at recalling the overall story from day to day and realizes (I think) that we are following the story of the nation of Israel. IMG_0020(A picture of Abraham’s tent and the three men that came to see him.)

IMG_0023(Here’s a picture of the well where Rebekah came and met Abraham’s servant)

He has a hard time remembering the names of the Bible characters, particularly the women, but seems to be getting better every day that I have him retell me where we are in the story.

He uses his Bible Notebook to go back and retell the stories, so he’s also developing an appreciation of having his own book that he’s illustrated. IMG_0019

We use our timeline pieces on our wall timeline that we’ve had for a while. Treyton begs to put the pieces on it, this has been a highlight for him.


In addition, this week we learned about why people use camels in the desert. We learned that Camels have really big feet and that those big feet help them to stay on top of the sand, making it easier to walk.

To illustrate this point we went out to our sand box, took a pen and pushed it through the sand, we then attached a quarter to the pen and pressed down in the sand. When the quarter was on the end of the pen it was much more difficult to push it through the sand. IMG_0020

For science this week we learned about RAINBOWS.

We did a few simple art projects and read some cute rainbow books.

The favorite was a color by number coloring sheet, which I let the kids paint with water colors.

IMG_0021 Treyton was very serious about getting all the exact colors in order without using the color by number. I was surprised by the fact that he already knew the order, he said he learned it from the Cat in the Hat (who knew?). IMG_0024 

IMG_0028Lexie’s is on top, Treyton’s is on bottom.

I also had Treyton fill out the ROY B. GIV printable from 1+1+1=1’s site. This was a little tricky because up until then he had been saying “blue, blue-purple and purple” (not indigo and violet). I’m not having him learn the ROY B GIV method because of this, but still had him do the worksheet.




R is for Rainbow – Confessions of a Homeschooler, great printables available.

Rainbow Lapbook by Carissa we used a few pieces of her lapbook though I actually think I used them more with Treyton I wanted to include them just in case :)

Rainbow Lapbooks linked to Little Laplinks

Rainbow Activities and Ideas by Making Learning Fun  IMG_0013     


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Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

I like how you had your son draw his own picture of the story-I might have to bring that into our Bible lessons. It would help with retention! I guess its a good thing there arent too many women in the Bible since your son has a hard time with them :). Great week!!

michelle said...

Awesome week!! I love the Abraham notebook pages ~ great job Treyton! The journal is neat too ~ perfect for early writers. Love the camel lesson too!

Amber said...

@ Our Country Road
Drawing the Bible stories have been so great for Treyton, he didn't like the "slowness" of it at first but he's really learning to value the finished project and when I ask him about the stories later, he ALWAYS remembers what he draws, compared to only remembering some of what he is read. It's a great tool!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for linking up amber! all 4 of my oldest kiddos do bible notebooks (the olders do written narrations with their illustrations).

i remember this week well when we did it with my oldest son, the rainbow/color addes a lot of fun to the week!


Kattie said...

Looks like you had a great week! Awesome Bible notebook pages Treyton!

Tiff said...

What a fun week! Love the timeline!