Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Unit: Animalia


Animalia by Graeme Base

I will be honest, I did not really love this book, and I think there are better “animal”  books out there that we could have read. Oh, well, Lexie and I still enjoyed our first week of preschool.


Because I wasn’t super excited about the Animalia book we actually focused a little bit more on the story of Noah’s Ark.

Our primary activity was a paper plate Noah’s Ark and some craft stick puppets to go in to our new ark.  IMG_0009Alexa insisted on doing all of the gluing herself, she let me help her cut them out. She is growing so fast, as is her independent nature, and while it can sometimes be frustrating, I’m thankful that she reminds me often that she can do it herself.

I forgot to take a picture of our finished product…. I’ll try to remember to attach it later.

IMG_0010 As you can imagine, with her love of cutting and gluing comes a love of doing crafts so I printed off a bunch of paper animal crafts from DLTK. Her first choice was the cat. IMG_0056

At first Lexie wasn’t too excited to play the animal matching game I had made, but after she got going, she liked it. One thing that I like about my home-made set is that the pictures don’t match, so she has to think about the animals to actually match them together. For example, I have a picture of a lion cub and a adult male lion instead of two male lions.  IMG_0025

Lexie has always loved cutting, and she is getting better and better every day. I pulled out some animal cutting and gluing practice pages from her Kumon workbook, which were a big hit. After playing with them, we added them to her lapbook pages.  IMG_0001   IMG_0008

Alexa made a pig toilet paper craft from DLTK, she loved making it, but loved playing with it even more.


Letter A Activities

IMG_0050I printed off and laminated the play-doh mats from Homeschool Creations, we used them for letter tracing. For just learning how to write I thought she did a phenomenal job writing a capital A!!   

I pulled out our Handwriting Without Tears Wooden pieces and mat and Lexie worked on building the letter AIMG_0052 She was really proud of herself. IMG_0053 She built and rebuilt the letter over and over for 15 minutes or so.

IMG_0054Other Preschool Activities

Position Words: While working in one of her preschool workbooks, we began talking about position words (top, bottom, middle). Lexie was having a hard time understanding so we decided to bring it to life by playing a game on the stairs. I would call out a position word and Lexie would go to where I called.


IMG_0011  IMG_0013Size Order: Lexie doesn’t really need practice with size order, but she asks to do it, because she likes to play with the cupcakes!

IMG_0038 Lapjournal Pictures IMG_0073 



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