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Tot School: Part 3 – Printables

Yes, Yes, it’s been a while…. and don’t take this the wrong way, but it was a blog-break worth taking, and one that I really needed. The kids and I have been enjoying our time off, and spending (possibly too much) time outside!

Tot School copyI had finished working on this post a while ago, and I have slowly added a few things here and there, but I don’t think I’ll ever look at it as a “complete” list. There are so many great sites out there. These are just the main ones that I love and use the most.

Part 1 (of this series): Tot School – Beginning Questions 

Part 2: Educational Toys for Tots


I've recommended Confessions of a Homeschooler before because we have used a lot of her reusable printables/games. Here is the direct link to the numbers, shapes and colors these are our primary focus at this age, we start with colors then shapes, numbers and lettters. While there is some overlap, I am more “intense” (for lack of a better term), with one focus at a time. A few of our favorites from Confessions include:

  • Color Puzzles
  • Paint Brush Color Matching
  • Shape Puzzles
  • Shape Play-doh mats (which I laminate and primarily use with dry erase markers and tracing)
  • 1-10 Number Sticker Sheets
  • We’ve also enjoyed clothes pin number cards

I cut out and laminate all of these printables and we use them over and over again.

Confessions also offers a letter of the week curriculum which is GREAT but is geared more for preschool age (ages 3 and up).


One of our favorite ways to do school and learning activities at this age is through units that the child is already interested in.These are a great way to practice colors, shapes, numbers, letters and numbers while using a common (and likeable) theme!

Tot/Preschool Packs

Homeschool Creations & 1+1+1=1 both have several Preschool Packs  or Tot Packs ready for you to print and use with your child. There are a lots of different topics including Batman, Fireman, Transportation, Gardening, Doctors and Nurses, Nemo, Veggie Tales, Dinosaurs, Feelings, Noah’s Ark plus lots more and they are both always adding more!!

The direct links (for your convenience):

Some other great places we’ve used to find unit themes are:

  • Musings of Me – she has several LARGE units including spring, farm, valentines day and dental health. I usually print only the pages I think we will use. I highly recommend her units.
  • Our Little Monkeys - I’ve only recently stumbled on to this blog which also has several free printable themes to use with your tot schooler/preschooler.
  • 2 Teaching Mommies – Another recent finding so I’m not as familiar with this site, but seems to offer similar material as the others.
  • Lapbook Lessons – I have used some printables from this site for Lexie, however, some of these are too advanced to use with your tot, so you would want to be selective. (Note: to find the lapbooks scroll almost all the way down to the bottom of the page for their list) 
  • Mom to 2 Boys – has other printables (in addition to her tot kits including some units, a color and shape lapbook, color bingo, and alphabet printables.


Carissa at 1+1+1=1 (isn’t she great!!) also has some Tot School Printables by letter, that I am just starting to use with Lexie. They are centered around a letter of the week theme, but teach colors, numbers, shapes, etc. For example A is for Apple, it’s A and apple printables but you might be coloring the apples certain colors, sequencing, playing with number cards (1-10), etc. As of this post, she is up through L and adding every week.

Christian Preschool Printables – again, some of these are at more of a preschool level than tot-school level but I have used some of what is here.

File Folder Fun (Preschool Age) – We have made several file folder games from this site. We have the cupcake numbers one, the frog food color matching, and the alpha animals.

Making Learning Fun has a bunch of do-a-dot printables including numbers and animals (and alphabet) that Lexie has LOVED using. They also have lots of theme printables (I am using this site a lot planning for Lexie’s school for this upcoming year).


I’m sure I will be adding to this list as I go along, but this is plenty to get any “normal” person completely overwhelmed :)

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or leave a comment.

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