Sunday, July 31, 2011

(Week 5) Adventures Week 1: Vikings

We just completed our first week of the My Father’s World Adventures and we loved it!

We learned about the Vikings this week, and I’ll be honest, I started this week off with very little knowledge about the Vikings other than the fact that they are Minnesota’s football team, they look really mean and that MANY years ago, a few of them explored some land up in Canada. I’m happy to report that after this week Treyton and I both know much more about them.

The core of our curriculum, I feel, is our book basket. Which includes the recommended books from My Father’s World, some recommended books from Simply Charlotte Mason as well as some stragglers I find in our library system that I think look good.

This week our favorite books were:


  • The Vikings by Robert Nicholson
    • This book had some good real-life pictures of Viking artifacts, as well as illustrations.
  • Eric the Red by Neil Grant
    • This book included the stories of both Eric the Red and Leif (the Lucky) Ericsson (Eric the Red’s Son).
  • Vikings Usborne Beginners
    • The simplest of all the books we used this week, I liked how this book was easily understood by Treyton with no explanation by me.
  • Life as a Viking: An Interactive History Adventure by Allison Lassieur
    • This book was by far our favorite. It’s one of those books that you decide what happens, you choose which direction the story goes. We read three different stories on three different days, Treyton loved being in control of what happened in the story.
  • First Facts About the Vikings by Jacqueline Morley
    • We read through this book, but it also proved to be a great reference book when we were working on projects and such.

One of the first things we learned about the Vikings was that they raided Europe for about 300 years from the year 793 – 1066, I wanted to add a line on our timeline wall indicating this time period, so we made some simple longships (complete with the vikings shields hanging over the side, like they did) to serve our purpose. I’m happy with how they turned out.




We decided to make lap-journal pages to go into our United States Notebook. We had a viking notebooking page from the Adventures Students Sheets, which we included in our lap-journal pages. This was Treyton’s narration: “Vikings were farmers, they needed land so they became explorers and raiders to find new land.”

IMG_0052We made a few small matchbook pieces for both Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky. Treyton said:

“Eric the Red founded and settled Greenland.”

“Leif was Eric’s son. He explored North America.”

In the Things I learned about Vikings book, Treyton wrote:

  • Vikings killed people.
  • Vikings worshipped false gods.
  • They were good at making things like ships, tools and clothes.
  • Where they lived it was cold. They ate lots of meat.

IMG_0051 I also stumbled across some Viking Paper Dolls, Treyton and Lexie both enjoyed playing with them. I love adding these types of elements that make the people we are learning about more real.

Our Viking Memories

One of my favoirte things that happened this week was when Treyton and I were reading the Interactive Viking Book, Treyton actually pouted about the fact that “he” (because it was him in the story) believed in false gods. He was NOT a big fan of that, and made it very clear.

Viking Longship Craft

I found this Viking Ship Craft, that Treyton and I completed.


He needed quite a bit of assistance with it, but it was still a fun craft to do, and now we have a great long ship replica to look at.     IMG_0034It was a great first week, and we learned a lot, I think we are really going to enjoy our year in Adventures.


Extra Links

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Danielle said...

That looks like a lot of fun! We just started Adventures today and I also know very little about the vikings. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

Holli said...

I'm so excited that I stumbled upon your blog! We are beginning our Adventures this week and my daughter is going to LOVE making the viking paper dolls! Thanks so much! I'm glad you're a few weeks ahead of me so I can check back for great ideas. :)

Ann said...

We are starting Adventures in 2weeks and finding your blog and all these great supplementary ideas made my day!! you have great, creative and fun ideas!! Will be following your blog VERY CLOSELY! :) What do you put in the matchbooks? I love lap books too! Thank you, Amber!!