Thursday, July 14, 2011

B4FIAR: Angus Lost

IMG_0084Week 2 of preschool Alexa and I rowed the book “Angus Lost”. It’s a cute little story about a little dog that’s tired of all the same things (his house, his yard, the cat, etc.). He decides to venture out one day, but not long on his adventure he realizes that he’s lost. He eventually follows the milk man all the way home, complete with a new attitude about all the same-old things.

Alexa loved the story and I’ve heard her re-telling to several others, most of whom had no idea what she was talking about (although that rarely deters Alexa from telling a good story). She really enjoyed this story and I was reminded again of why I love the B4FIAR approach so much, which is primarily for the relationship the child develops with the story your reading. 

Along with Angus lost we read “Angus and the Cat” and “Go, Dog, Go” for go-along books.


Lexie’s favorite craft this week was decorating a dog bone. I cut a dog bone shape from an old file folder I had. Lexa colored, stickered and glittered to her hearts content, and created a lovely dog bone. IMG_0083

We also made a simple dog card fold. I can’t remember where I found this craft originally, but I’ve used it several times with both kids, always ending with good results.


You fold a piece of paper to make a square (cutting off the excess), fold the paper to make a long triangle. Fold the ends of the triangle down to make the dog ears and decorate.  


Lapbooking was where most of our “learning” took place this time. We talked about the different dog breeds, different types of pets, what type of pets we would like to have, what dogs need to be taken care of properly, and more.


All of our lapbooking pieces came from Homeschool Share (simply search Angus Lost). Lexie is enjoying doing “big girl” school, and having lapjournal pages of her own, just like Treyton has. She almost always insists on doing any cutting that needs to be done, so I am careful to do any necessary parental cutting the night or week before.



Our school week was pretty short though we read the book for 5 days we only did activities for 3, but it was still really enjoyable.


Homeschool Share: Angus Lost

Delightful Learning: Angus Lost

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Monica said...

I love FIAR ... I did it our K year. Your photos are beautiful too!