Sunday, July 24, 2011

B4FIAR: Play with Me

This week while studying frogs and toads in our nature study, we rowed Play with Me. An adorable little story about a little girl who goes to the meadow and tries to get some animals to play with her. After they all run away from her, she finally sits down by the meadow, and after she sits awhile each of the animals slowly come to sit with her.

Alexa loved the story. 

IMG_0065Paper Plate Frog Craft

I found a cute paper plate frog last year, that I had Treyton do, it was neat to have Lexie do it now, too.

IMG_0014I cut the paper plate in have and then I had her paint the back of the paper plate.


After it dried we taped/stapled all the pieces together, and Alexa insisted on coloring on the eyes herself instead of using googly eyes. She is a very independent worker, as well as efficient and quick – our biggest challenge is keeping her occupied.


Paper Frog Craft

Alexa completed this paper frog craft from DLTK completely on her own (minus the cutting out). I showed her how it was supposed to look, but she did all of the placing, gluing work herself.


Frog Science

One of my favorite activities was when both of the kids completed a frog parts page from 2 Teaching Mommies.



I also had Lexie color and assemble a frog life cycle wheel to add to her lapbook. Treyton was doing one for his, so it seemed appropriate. She appreciated the big girl work.

Where’s the Frog?

I got this game from the Homeschool Creations Preschool Pack and it was so much fun for both of the kids!!

We ended up playing it 5 times on the first day!!

First I had the kids work together and to put the numbers 1-20 in order.

IMG_0057Then the kids got to pick one number at a time – they had to state the number before they could look under it, until one of them found the hiding frogs.  IMG_0064

Frog Number Bingo


Play-Doh Fun

IMG_0040 Lexie made lots of play-doh animals – she was very proud of her turtle :) (below) and insisted that I took a picture of it. IMG_0041

Turtle Tanagrams

Lexie pretty much has her shapes down, but one of the ways we like to review is to play with our Melissa and Doug Pattern Shapes. One of the ones I picked out for her to do this week was the turtle, to go along with our book.


Frog Number Order


We did two different number activities from 1+1+1=1 pond preschool pack. Lexie put numbers 1-6 in order as well as matched the numbers 1-6 with the correct number of frogs.


Frog Patterns

This was a large game, so I only did 2 of the 4 pattern pages. She had a hard time with the different green ones, but overall did really well.


Don’t Froget Audrey 

Audrey got in on painting, too, while Lexie worked on her paper plate frog. I got her a bowl of water and a paintbrush and she went to town on her high chair --- I think she might be a great painter some day!! IMG_0025 




We kept really busy this week with lots of frog activities, Lexie loved all the attention and kept asking for “More, more, more” I actually had to find more activities half through the week – the kind of problem you want to have!!

At the end of the week I also had Lexie narrate the story herself to add to her lapjournal pages. This is what she said:

“Went up the sun and a grasshopper went away in the tree, and the froggy went away in the grass, a turtle sitting down to get warm and them don’t play with me now.

And an acron went away in the tree, the chipmunk went right in the tree.

And the bird go away and a rabbit go away in the trees – and she was trying to get him with her hands.

And the snake had to go.

Her sitting down at the water. The water was making noise, I hear a spider making noise on the water.

Now the animals play!!”

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Anonymous said...

Love the go along activities you did this week! Looks like everyone had fuN!

Kattie said...

Boy your little ones are becoming frog and toad masters!! Love all the fun stuff you are doing and how you are putting your lapbook in a notebook! We are plannning on storing in a 12x12 scrapbook, so we'll see how it works out!

Angela W. said...

Love all these great activities! Looking forward to "rowing" with my little ones soon.

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