Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nature Study: Toads & Frogs

So the most amazing thing happened!!

After we had to let our “pet” toad go while on our camping trip, after we nearly poisoned him, I was a little bummed that our daily (nearly hourly) table top nature study had come to such an abrupt end. Tim had tried to reassure me with the old “Don’t worry, we’ll find another one.” IMG_0005But I will be honest, I didn’t want another one. The toad we had was really active and fun, and I knew any toad we found wouldn’t be as “cool” as our first one.

Even still, Tim “happened” to see a toad while unloading the truck from our camping trip. He had mentioned it to me, and I said “No, just leave him, he won’t be as cool.” But later that night when we had brought it up to Treyton, he seemed genuinely excited, so Treyton and Tim headed outside to see if the toad was still where Tim had seen him.

Low and behold… he was. After a couple big jumps and even falling through the net, Tim caught him.

Tim said “Look at that, Mama, he’s even prettier!”

I took one look at him and said “That’s not a toad! That’s a frog!”

This one had a much more contrasted belly color, smooth skin and webbed back feet.


What a perfect chance to study the differences between a toad and a frog than to house a different one two weeks in a row! You can’t make this stuff up, folks!!  Of course, the first thing we did was start researching to make a good home. After googling “Wisconsin Frogs” we discovered that ours was a Green Frog (scientific name Rana Clamitans). And after looking at several pictures we are pretty sure it’s a female. I had to mostly convince Treyton (he obviously wanted a boy), but after he gave-in he named her Melanie. (He’s never come up with this original of a name which is fun!) IMG_0061

This time instead of having all sod on the bottom of our cage, we had it half land (part sod and part rock bedding), and half water (about 2 inches of water) as well as a few sticks for covering. Truth be told, I LOVE the set up we got going on. I mean if I were a frog temporarily held in captivity, this is definitely what I’d be looking for.

As soon as we got the cage set up the boys went out to catch some bugs, to feed Melanie.

IMG_0001We have now had Melanie for 2 days and she is SO neat to watch. She in the water a little over half the time. I read somewhere that you can over feed frogs, so we have fed her a little less than what we fed our toad. We have seen her eat a few times, which is such a cool experience.

Treyton and I are in the process of making a Frog Lapjournal, which I plan on posting pictures of as soon as it’s done. We have learned so much the last two weeks, it’s hard to record it all. We’re loving all of the hands-on learning and this extraordinary opportunity that God has blessed us with.

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

I love it. :) Have fun with Melanie. :) Remy has two anoles in our home right now.