Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week 2

Bible: While at VBS a this week, Treyton was totally taken by the fact that one of the kids “just a little older than him” (his words), read right out of a real Bible!! I told him that he could too. He wasn’t so sure.

We sat down and I went over with him how to find a verse in the Bible. He did really well. As with anything, this is something he will need a little practice on, but we will soon be introducing memorizing the names of the NT books of the Bible, which will help a lot (obviously).

This week we learned about the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho,


Samuel,   IMG_0073 Ruth


and Samson.

I mentioned before that we are cruising through the 1st grade program now, I usually combine 2 days and we will do a phonics day and Bible Story day in 1 day instead of 2. He knows all of these Bible stories so it’s not too overwhelming for him at all.

I love, love, love the way the MFW focuses on Bible Stories as the foundation of 1st grade and they use these stories to teach narration and illustration. It’s been no secret that the illustrating part is not Treyton’s favorite activity, but he is getting better at the narrating part. Every week, I feel like he’s improving in both areas.

We’re keeping up with our timeline pieces, which is fun to do because I think Treyton is slowly comprehending the concept of time and how the timeline works to represent it.

Science: Float or Sink?

Who doesn’t love the classic float or sink experiment? I know Treyton does!! We went through the house gathering all sorts of items.

IMG_0093I made a chart in Treyton’s science/nature journal for him to guess ahead of time what he thought about each item, and then a spot to say whether he was right or wrong.


As an added twist to our experiment time, we took some modeling clay and tried to mold it so that it would float. According to the book, if you shaped it like a bowl/canoe with tall enough sides it would float…. we are apparently not very good engineers and failed this test (over and over again). IMG_0094   

Read-Alouds we enjoyed this week included: 

Reading: To encourage Treyton to want to read a little bit more, I made a reading chart for him. I told him if he read 5 books in 1 week that I would get him a new book. We went to Barnes and Noble and he picked out the books he wanted. The first week he read the 5 books in 3 days. His reading is getting better every week. I think the most important thing right now is for him to practice, practice, practice.

We are having lots of fun this year. We are still working out a smooth schedule, but we’re getting there.

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Carmen said...


I am a new homeschooling mom. I really like your timeline idea, would you share more how you teach your kids about the timeline? Do you randomly pick a person in the Bible or start from Creation?

Thank you.