Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Christopher Columbus Lapjournal

Even though we’ve technically moved on from week 2 in Adventures, it seems as though we can’t actually move on.

After completing the week, we visited the Columbus Nina and Pinta replicas, and I ended up picking up a Christopher Columbus activity book with lots of fun activities in it. We learned so much in the past two days that we decided to make some lap journal pages, even though we’re not doing “school” this week.

I was a lot more hands on in the actual putting together of these pages because it’s an off week, and because we had so much to put in our pages. IMG_0012

However, excluding some of the writing and coloring, Treyton insisted on doing most of it himself, which of course I was okay with.   IMG_0016

Our cover pages were a dot-to-dot, of Christopher Columbus and a few pictures of our field trip.


Coat of Arms: In the Christopher Columbus activity book that I picked up, it had a page of the Coat of Arms that Columbus received from the king and queen when he returned to Spain. Each of the quadrants represented something: the castle and lion represented Spain, the islands, because Columbus discovered Islands, and anchors because of his ship skills.

They offered a blank coat of arms for Treyton to use to design his own coat of arms. He chose to put on a cross, the American flag, a man with a shield (to show that he was brave), a bat and ball, and math numbers (two things that he is good at).

Ships: I also included a couple of flip books on the ships:

  • Which ship was Christopher Columbus’ favorite?
  • Which ship sank?
  • Which ship saw land first?
  • Which ship was Columbus on?

On the second page, I attached the poem ‘In 1492’ as well as Treyton’s narration after visiting the ships.

IMG_0017Next we attached a map of the World during Christopher Columbus’ day (obviously missing the Americas).

IMG_0018Included in the activity book was a dot-to-dot of Columbus’ first Voyage, I thought this was a creative assignment, and was a little upset I didn’t think of it myself ;)

IMG_0021 Here’s his narration from before, we just attached them to the lap-journaling pages.


And just in case you think our school is all pretty, clean and organized, here’s a small glimpse of reality.



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Jamie said...

WOW,how great is that to go on a field trip for what you are learning about.

We need to do that as well.
Great job!!!!!

Monica said...

Love the Lapjournal. I am doing the same thing with the girls this year with Animals in each Continent. Have fun!

Kattie said...

Now that school table looks like mine!!

Love the lapjournal too!