Thursday, August 25, 2011

Field Trip: Heritage Hill

This week we had a last-minute field trip to Heritage Hill, a local (50-acre) living history museum.

We arrived to the museum at about 10:30 and left around 2:00, it was a really fun time, and guess what, we learned a few things too!!


We took the tram to the far end of the museum and then walked our way back. The kids were really excited about being able to ride the tram, every time it passed they would ask if we could get back on it.

IMG_0255Here are Treyton, M and S at the Maple Sugaring House. There wasn’t an actual “guide” in this particular building so we looked around, but I’ll be honest, we didn’t really know much about the process except that they took a big pot (a really heavy one) and hung it up from three chains above the fire pit, wherew e assumed they stirred it a lot! :)  IMG_0256At the Fur Trader’s Cabin the kids touched furs, tried on two different types of hats, and made nature leaf prints, which was how they identified and recorded leaves back then.


IMG_0259Next was the bark chapel. These were used by the missionaries to the area as the first churches because they were quick and easy to build, while waiting for a larger, more permanent church to be built. IMG_0264I was excited to go to the blacksmith shop because Tim’s grandpa actually was a blacksmith, which is one of the reasons why Tim and his family are in the metal business today.

IMG_0265Here the blacksmith is taking a heated piece of metal out of the fire. IMG_0266 … and twisting it…. He told us that even once the iron looses it’s “redness”, it’s still over 900 degrees.


Next, we went to the print shop where the kids were able to roll their own printing. It looked pretty hard to do, but both of the older kids were able to do it.


IMG_0276Treyton volunteered to be a part of the “bucket brigade” when we toured the Franklin Hose Company (Fire Hose Department), I was really proud of him.

IMG_0279All of the kids agreed that their favorite part was visiting and participating in a lesson at the one room schoolhouse. 

IMG_0285They loved writing on the slate boards, whereas I’ll admit they were a little “scratchy” for me.

IMG_0287 The teacher was nice and I thought the lesson was really cute.

IMG_0291The lesson included history (naming the first 6 presidents), math (figuring out how old George Washington was when he died), literature (reading a short story and answering questions about it), spelling (words from the story “cake” and “mother”)  IMG_0304When the students answered a question, they had to stand up say their answer and then sit back down. Treyton spelled the word “mother” (which I helped him with) in front of the class.

It was really cute, at one point M stood up to answer a question, and then Lexie raised her hand to answer a question. She stood up (like she was supposed to) and simple said “I don’t know” smiled really big and sat back down.

IMG_0306 Our second to last stop was the cheese-factory, which I personally think would have been a lot cooler if they would have had some cheese curd samples available…. I’m just saying.

IMG_0310I really thought the farm house was cool. To see how a typical family lived and the things they used, is just neat.

IMG_0315Treyton really thought their garden was cool, there were a few things in it I didn’t know what they were.

IMG_0319To prove that Audrey and I were there I got a few pictures of us in the kitchen.

IMG_0320 A great day, really it was. There’s nothing like real-life learning.


Tina Hollenbeck said...

Well, shoot! If I'd have known you'd be there, I could have come over - seriously, I'm five minutes away! - and we could have met IRL!

Faith said...

What a fantastic field trip! Isn't it such a blessing for our children to be able to experience all the wonderful places out there? That is one of my favorite "perks" of homeschooling. Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your new school year!

Monica said...

Your kids are getting sooo BIG! Looks like the field trip was a success! Have a great week. It's our last week of chemo..... wooo hooo!