Sunday, August 7, 2011

(Week 6): Adventures Week 2 – Christopher Columbus

Week 2 of Adventures went as well as week 1, we learned about Christopher Columbus.

We kept it pretty simple this week and other than placing Christopher Columbus on our timeline, tracing his route to the new land and Treyton’s narration page, we pretty much read books.

Treyton’s Christopher Columbus Narration:

“Columbus he didn’t like his father’s job. He wanted to ride on boats. Columbus thought the world was round. Columbus took 3 boats to find Asia, instead he found North America.”

We read lots of books this week from our local library as well as our My Father’s World “Story of the US” and “American Pioneers and Patriots” from Christian Liberty Press. 




Also as part of the MFW, Treyton is currently doing letter handwriting practice every day. We do 2-3 letters a day. I was surprised by how big of a difference having a little handwriting letter review is making in his handwriting.


In our Singapore Math book we are working on addition and subtraction up to number 40. Problems like 23 + 8 =, 16 + 7 =, etc. I am loving how well he is doing with math. His mind just gets it.


We were on Step 14 in our All About Spelling book. Final Blend sounds. This is the first step that Treyon has actually needed the whole week to get through it. I think it had more to do with his Auditory Processing, than with his spelling ability. Most times he couldn’t hear the different consonant blends. When he could hear them, he had no problem with spelling them.


I had made Treyton a reading chart for the summer to make sure that he was still reading. The deal is, if he reads 5 books in 1 week he gets a new reading book. We have 2 or 3 books left, and I’m not sure if we will keep doing books or some other incentive, but I just made a new chart for him, upon his request. His Bible stories from his Bible reader count as a “book” as well as any other readers he reads. His reading is improving every week, I keep telling him, practice, practice, practice and it’s starting to pay off!!

Swimming Lessons

We finished up our second week of Swimming Lessons this week through the city, the kids are loving them, and I am glad that they are getting more comfortable in the water.


I am considering putting Treyton into a group piano class that will run through the school year (34 weeks). It’s a big commitment, which is my hesitation, but we went to a preview night where Treyton got to be a part of class. He did great, and hasn’t stopped talking about it! He keeps drawing a treble clef quarter notes and whole notes, as well as playing the three notes that he learned “do”, “re”, “mi”. We’re still praying about it, and talking it through to Treyton to see what we want to do, but I think he would really like it, and learn a lot.

We also have Treyton signed up for a four-week flag football program through one of the nearby towns at the end of August. He can’t wait for it to start!

I think we will have one more full week of school before we take a week (or maybe 2 week) break.

Columbus Links I found (but didn’t use)

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Explorers Lapbook

Columbus Day Coloring Pages

Refined Metals Academy Christopher Columbus Links

Our Christopher Columbus LapJournal

Christopher Columbus Field Trip


Leslie said...

Great lessons! We are learning about Christopher Columbus our first week of school so thanks for the resource links! BTW, I love your son's narration of the story! So cute!(:

Jenni said...

Looks good! I am very excited to start Adventures with my daughter next week. She is loving the books- she has already looked through quite a few of them. Thanks for sharing your week with us!

Anonymous said...

Is the music class you are considering a harmony road class? We are in our 3rd year of HR and it is wonderful, we have all learned alot.