Saturday, August 20, 2011

(Week 7): Adventures Week 3 - Jamestown

Button 2 This week we focused on Jamestown and the Life of Pocahontas.

IMG_0021As usual, we read lots of books this week, including:

Treyton had lots of fun learning about Native Americans, he had lots of questions about what their life was like, what they ate, how they lived, etc. I’m excited that next week we will be learning about Native Americans.

While I think Treyton did good this week and got the main points of the story, this week was a little tougher on him than the last three. There were more people (and names) to remember: John Smith, Pocahontas, Powhatan and John Rolfe; and that was a little tough for him. By the end of the week he did come up with Pocahontas’ name once, which is a big deal.

We happened to have a harvest of carrots this week, which led us to a discussion about the people of Jamestown and the Native Americans and how they had to grow their own food to live.


Treyton did both a narration and illustration this week. Here’s what he said: “Men came to North America they made a town with a wall. They called it Jamestown. Pocahontas was an Indian she liked to play. She was nice to the white men.”


We are both really getting the hang of MFW Adventures. It’s a lot of reading, which we enjoy, and I feel like we are both connecting with what we are learning about.

Treyton asks lots of questions, and our conversations, even when we’re not doing school often wind back to what we are learning about.

Next week we are learning about Native American’s which I am really excited about, I’ve got lots of extras planned, and have even borrowed some genuine artifacts from my sister-in-laws boyfriend, who is Potawatomi. Very exciting.


Kattie said...

Now those are some carrots...too cute!! I'm glad you are connecting and seem to enjoy what you are learning together!

Monica said...

Wow girl - love those carrots! We juice carrots and apples - yummy! Sometimes I juice carrots and cucumbers. So refreshing! Thanks for your help with the button.