Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Book Unit: The Extraordinary Egg

Update: I found a really cute go-along book called “An Egg is Quiet” by Dianna Aston and Sylivia Long – super adorable.

I am still struggling with how to divide my time between Treyton and Alexa and setting apart preschool time, just for Lexie. Because of that, Lexie’s week-long units are taking more like 2 weeks for us to complete. She spends lots of time doing educational activities, and she is learning from these things, but I would really like to devote some school time, just to her, not only because it’s good for her, but because she loves it and asks for it every day!!

In conjunction with our Bird Unit, we read “The Extraordinary Egg” by Leo Lionni this week. I had actually never read this story before, and I really enjoyed it.

Decorate an egg – Lexie is a GREAT colorer (is that a word?), for the most part she stays in the lines, uses lots of color and is very creative. I always love her finished product!  IMG_0008

Egg Activities

IMG_0002 I still have my mother-in-laws button collection, which Lexie begs to sort and play with. This week I took out our egg carton, put in numbers 1-12 in the egg cups and had her count out the appropriate number of eggs for each cup.

IMG_0003 She did pretty good with this activity, needing a little assistance after 6, but finishing them all!


For our next egg activity I took the plastic eggs (from our resurrection eggs), took out the easter materials, and split apart the eggs, which I then had her match up. This was pretty easy for her, so I made her also tell me the color of the egg before she could put it back in the carton.


Chicken in the egg Craft

IMG_0027 On the first day, we talked about how silly it was that the frogs thought that the alligator was a chicken. We read our go-along book “Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones” and discussed how many different animals actually come from eggs. We then made a cracking egg craft with a chicken inside.


I cut the eggs out, prior to school, but had the kids cut their own cracks. we used brads to attach them to the page which the kids had glued their clipart chicken too. (I had them cut out the chicken for extra scissor practice – Lexie LOVES cutting!!)

Letter E – Find and Circle the letter Ee’s


Lexie is getting really good at letter recognition, and she loves learning about her letters. I printed out a letter Ee maze from Confessions of a Homeschooler, I wasn’t sure she would like it, but she did really good at it and asked for another one.

Letter Writing


She is slowly learning how to write the letters of her name, which is exciting. I struggled with teaching her the upper case letters first, but truth be told, she wants to write so bad, but does not have the motor skills yet for most lower case letter (I mean, what 3 year old can write a lower case e?). So, upper case it is, most of the time.


Extra Preschool Activities

Alphabet Puzzle

I found this fun Melissa and Doug Alphabet puzzle which the kids love. I keep it put away, and only let them play with it during school (it is a time consuming toy to clean up just for “fun”) which has made it the “toy” to play with. Lexie was very excited to get her hands on it. IMG_0009

Coloring (with Audrey)!!!

IMG_0180This was Audrey’s first real attempt at coloring, I think it went pretty well. I mean minus the fact that she poked herself in the eye with a colored pencil, at which point I switched her over to crayons ;)

IMG_0182 Alexa is a very detailed colorer (I am determined to make that a word), and enjoys coloring anytime, not just for school. I like for her to use different methods (colors, pencils and markers) and she adapts to each one well. IMG_0195 Building/Wedgits

IMG_0163 Play-Doh

This week Alexa made an egg and cracked into two – creative, I thought.  IMG_0234

 Cutting Practice IMG_0204  Number Practice 0-10IMG_0212

I pulled out a few worksheets for Lexie to work on, starting with some number review. She isn’t writing any numbers yet (except for #1), so I used ones that she could just circle the number. She needed no help with any of the worksheets, and they took her all of 5 seconds to complete…. hmmm…. not as much of a time filler as I thought they would be.

Next week were are planning on doing Owl Moon, to continue along with our bird unit, and then I plan on changing some things up. I love our book units, and thankfully the last 3 weeks or so I’ve been able to correlate our studies (through Treyton’s science) a bit, but it’s not going as smoothly as I had hoped. We are still planning on doing book studies, but I’m working on making them so that they will always, somehow correlate with what Treyton is already doing in MFW that way we can be working on different (but similar) activities at the same time.

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