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FIAR: Owl Moon (Week 9)

image We recently rowed the book “Owl Moon” by Jane Yolen. It’s a cute little story about a young child who goes searching for owls with his dad at night. Though it’s cold and sometimes frightening, the child stays quiet and does not complain, in the end it pays off, when father and child spot a beautiful owl.

This book went along well with our Bird Unit.

On the first day we talked about the difference between day and night and why it was so special that the child got to go out with Daddy so late after bedtime.

Lexie colored an Owl Page


I cut it out for her lap journal. 


We also focused on the letter O (for Owl) this week, which she already knew well, so we also reviewed the letter L from a few weeks before which she has been struggling with.

We used Cuisenaire rods and the Alphabet Workbook to build the letter L, IMG_0036count the rods we used and then put the rods in order of size from biggest to smallest and then smallest to biggest.   IMG_0040The next day we talked a little about shadows and what makes a shadow. Alexa had no interest in this, so it was a very short conversation. I tried to show her with a flashlight, but even that she was not interested in.


We did the Owl Shape Craft (also from DLTK), which Alexa did great at. I liked doing the shape review with her, because it had been a couple of weeks so I thought we could do a few more shape things.

IMG_0081On Day 3, I decided to make some shape sticks (very simple: construction paper and craft sticks). Alexa felt so big doing this craft. She doesn’t have a lot of experience with Elmer’s glue – this was good for her. Then for the rest of the week, we used them to do some review games and Alexa even used them to make up a story (which sadly, I didn’t write down, but I can assure you, it was adorable).


She colored and cut out the owl page for her lap journal page. I also had her cut out some owl clip art to glue on the pages – I love her unique style, not only in dress, but in her crafts.


On Day 4, we talked about Daddy’s – I printed off a lapbook piece from Homeschool Share and Lexie told me what some of her favorite memories with her Daddy was:

  1. I like to play with my toys with Daddy.
  2. I like to wrestle him.
  3. I like to read books with him.
  4. I like to catch grasshoppers with him (they did this a lot when we had the frog and toads)
  5. I like to play games with Dad and Treyton.
  6. I like to eat dad’s eggs for breakfast. (Tim usually makes breakfast for the kids, and we usually have to make Alexa eat her eggs by bribing her with cereal when she finishes them….)

IMG_0078We also talked about animals in the woods. I printed out a lapbook piece from Homeschool Share with cutouts. Alexa cut out all the animals, then we talked about them. Alexa did not recognize three of them (fox, racoon and quail) she did recognize the deer, owl and rabbit.

On the last day we made and Owl Puppet (From DLTK), as usual Alexa loved cutting out and gluing the pieces but she really loved what it turned in to, laughing hysterically when I would talk to her with her owl puppet, but she refused to put her own hand into the bag ;)


We briefly discussed the moon. We were able to see the moon during the afternoon this day, which Alexa gets VERY excited about. We talked about how far away the moon is, how it looks different sometimes; closer some days and farther away other days, sometimes like a circle, sometimes like a “moon” (as Alexa calls it).

Other Preschool Activities This Week

Beading – this is Alexa’s new favorite activity and she is really good at it!! (you can see her wearing her necklace in the pictures) She uses the wooden Melissa and Doug set.


AB Seas game from Discovery Toys – in this game each player had a board with fish/letters on it. The players each go fishing for matching letters. The first player to fill in their board wins.


Fish Numbers 1-10 putting them in order and counting them.


Melissa and Doug Alphabet Train Puzzle – this was a lot of fun, but really stretched Lexie. I would take 5-6 letters out at a time and have her pick which one was the next letter. We sang the Alphabet Song (a lot) to help us out.


Busy Farm Game from Discovery Toys – this game has a bunch of different cards in it, the child listens to the instructions and completes the card with the many different colored farm animals.

Alexa LOVED this game and wanted to do ALL of the cards in one day. We did a lot of them. She focused on colors, listening skills, animal identification and more. IMG_0068  

Our Up & Coming Tot

Audrey also participated this week, always willing to help out in any way she could. It’s fun to have her awake a little bit more during school. She entertains herself well for an hour here or there, which is a blessing. She also likes to come and just sit in my lap while we do school, and she’s usually able to keep pretty quiet. Obviously she’s not perfect, but overall I think she does pretty well during school time. IMG_0077         


DLTK Owl Crafts

Homeschool Share – Owl Moon

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