Monday, September 26, 2011

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake (Week 10)

Although this is not a Five in a Row book, we “rowed” it in the same way. Focusing on the book “If you Give a Cat a Cupcake” for 5 straight days, doing a variety of activities to go along with the storybook.

Day 1

I introduced the letter C, which Alexa was apparently already familiar with. I let her practice tracing the letter C on my phone using a Free Preschool App.

IMG_0193 I also had her do a letter C do-a-dot page that we got from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

IMG_0177 By far her favorite activity of the week was “How Many Candles on the Cupcake?” I would place the number beside the cupcake, she would tell me what the number was and then count out the correct number of candles. She could easily do up to 12 on her own and needed minimal help up to 20. IMG_0183We played this game almost every day this week, and I’m sure we will next week too!!   IMG_0187 Next we took out the Cuisenaire Rods and built a letter C using all different sizes and colors. IMG_0190 

Day 2


We used our Education Cubes this day to play mama jenn’s cupcake game. Lexie rolled the die and kept track of the numbers that came up. The first number/candle to reach their cupcake one!! The first time she played number 5 won.

Day 3: Baking Cupcakes  

Of course you can’t read a cupcake book without baking cupcakes, so that is what we did!

Alexa doesn’t get to cook by herself very often so this was a very special treat, that she really appreciated. She told me “Thank You” at least 3 times. Exclaiming “Oh my word, I can’t even believe it, Mama!” and shaking her little pooty over and over.

IMG_0239She really did do most of the work herself while I mostly just instructed her on what to do. She did very good cracking the eggs, and only got one little shell in there.

IMG_0242I poured the batter for her, and put them in the oven, but by this time she was distracted with the most important job of taste testing the batter (yes, we do that here). IMG_0248

Audrey was also very helpful for this portion of the baking.

Day 4

We didn’t have time to decorate our cupcakes the day before, so we squeezed that in on Thursday.

IMG_0266 I had seen some really cute fish cupcakes on pinterest that I wanted to try…. each of the kids picked a color and we made frosting of that color.

IMG_0267 And then we decorated with m & ms. Treyton said that they didn’t look like fish…. but I see it. (Oh and there are 2 ladybugs in there too…. and no, I don’t think those look like ladybugs) IMG_0269

And of course, after we decorated we had to eat some!!


On this particular day, Treyton and I made a glue pastel page of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Alexa wanted to join in on the fun, so I made her a C is for Cupcake page to decorate once the glue dried.

IMG_0250 She played her Education Cube Candle/Cupcake game again this day, as well.  IMG_0253 Day 5

I had Alexa complete a “My 5 Senses” worksheet about her cupcake that she made and ate this week. We talked about whether it tasted sweet or salty, if it smelled good or bad, did it look big or small…. those types of things. IMG_0290 

Off the top of my head (this never happens to me), I came up with the idea of a flower cupcake wrapper craft she could make.

IMG_0278 She did most of the work herself (I helped gluing on the leaves).  IMG_0281 She also 100% on her own, cut out and glued this DTLK cat together on a piece of paper. I was sooo very proud. She really is an independent student.


This was such a fun book to read and work with this week. Alexa loves cats and cupcakes so I knew we couldn’t go wrong!!


Most of the printables came from Spell Out Loud’s Birthday Bash which included the following and more:

Cupcake Download from 2 Teaching Mommies

Musings of Me Birthday Unit

Cupcake and Candle Game from Mama Jenn


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