Monday, September 19, 2011

MFW Co-op: Stars

Our focus this month was on stars.

The First Graders

We started out asking the kids what they already knew about stars. They then looked at some examples of stars in the Usborne Astronomy book. We pointed out the shape of an actual star (more circular than star shape) and the fact that stars are all different colors.


Ms. Amanda had printed off some star life cycle cards and we had each kid put them in the order they thought a star’s life looked like. Afterwards, she showed what the actual life cycle was, so the kids saw if they were right or wrong.


I, myself was a little shocked by the answer, and wasn’t close at all.

Next the kids used the constellation flashcards to come up with ideas of their own, or to replicate a real constellation on black paper using glow-in-the-dark stars. (I thought this was such a neat idea). Interestingly enough the girls copied constellations, whereas the boys created their own. Treyton wanted to make a person, Henry, a cross.


The highlight of the day for the kids was definitely making Galaxy Play-Doh.


Each of the kids got to help measure in some of the ingredients.

IMG_0225Once the doh was formed we divided it up and each kid got to add in their own glitter. IMG_0230This was a neat representation that stars are all different colors (not just white or yellow).


And of course, after they mixed their play-doh well they got to play with it!! Amanda took this picture of Breigh’s play-doh creation – to me, it looks like a baby covered with a blanket (am I right Amanda?)

IMG_0236The Preschoolers          

Like I said the last time, I’m not actually with the preschoolers, so I’m sad to say I don’t know all the details of what they got to do, but I do know that Alexa just loves it!!

To be completely honest, I think the two mom’s who do the preschool (Donna and Kelly) are extremely brave. Teaching preschooler’s of such a wide age (2-4) keeping their attention isn’t easy, I think they do a great job.

One of the projects they did was to make coffee filter earth’s. The kids colored a coffee filter (blue and green), and then they sprayed it to cause the waters to mix and flow together. IMG_0227 They turned out super cute.


They also made tissue paper stars.

IMG_0232 On a piece of white paper they glued on tissue paper, they then placed on pre-cut star outlines with the verse Philippians 2:15 written on it. image I know they read at least one story and had some great play-time as well.

The Tots  


Audrey and Evaleigh hanging out…. and not fighting for the moment :)

So Blessed

Our family feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of family’s the kids play so well together, and after only two times, I see friendships developing with the kids (some of whom never met prior to our group). God has been so good to us and answered a prayer, beyond what we could have imagined.


Next time is the human body…. I have NO idea how to narrow it all down!! Any ideas?


Mama Teaching 3 said...

I love the dough you made. :) Nice work ladies!

Ashley Skye said...

How sweet!! I love all you guys are doing. I think my favorite is making the Star const

amanda said...

i haven't been on the computer in so long. but you were right, it was a baby. i just am amazed at breigh's sculpting!! i am so blessed to have this co-op!! it's fun to teach with you and hang out too. :)
ps. my word veri is micend. it grosses me out to read it. and to have to type it.