Friday, September 23, 2011

(Week 10) Adventures Week 6: New Netherland

We learned about New Amsterdam this week (now known as New York). The pilgrims that originally established New Amsterdam were from Holland.

IMG_0276 Colonial Read Alouds:

  • The New Americans (Colonial Times)
  • Projects about Colonial Life (ch. 3)
  • The Courage of Sarah Noble
  • American Pioneers and Patriots
  • A Lion to Guard Us
  • Kids in Colonial Times
  • …. If You Lived in Colonial Times
  • Colonial America: An Interactive History Adventure
  • The Rough Face Girl
    • More of an Indian story than colonial times

Extra Read-Alouds this Week:

  • How Do You Hug a Porcupine?
  • Who is God?
  • Sunflower Sword
  • Moses and the Burning Bush
  • Everyday Graces (Excerpt from Robinson Crusoe)
  • A Storm Called Katrina
  • Over the Rainbow
  • First the Egg


Make a Windmill

We talked about how many people started coming over to the new world from different places (France, Holland, England, Spain) and that they established different towns to live in. The people of Holland came over and established New Amsterdam.

In Holland they have lots of windmills, they built one here in New Amsterdam, too. IMG_0207

For one of our activities this week, we colored and put together a paper windmill.


Make a Hornbook

While reading “…. If You lived in Colonial Times” we learned about school in colonial times and how students didn’t have a lot of books and paper, they instead used hornbooks. IMG_0293So we made our own hornbook with cardboard and plastic covering.


Make Butter

This was the coolest activity. After talking about how the pilgrims had to make most of the things they needed, we talked about how they made their own butter from the cream from the cow’s they brought over from Holland. IMG_0256We took a quart size jar and poured in a half-pint of whipping cream. We then took turns shaking it for 15 minutes or so.     IMG_0259

As the whipping cream thickened, I wasn’t sure how much longer we could shake the jar, but then all of a sudden the buttermilk just separated and we had butter!


Map Study

I printed off a map which we color coded. IMG_0198

  • Orange for Spain
  • Green for Holland
  • Blue for France
  • Purple for England

IMG_0201We colored the countries and then marked where they established their town in America.   IMG_0202

This was a good activity for Treyton. He has very good map skills, and is able to visually picture things, which helps him remember.

Nature Journaling     IMG_0204We attended a nature journaling class through our homeschool group. It was really great learning different drawing techniques, and how to draw nature different ways. I think the kids and I do pretty good doing nature study but I don’t really know how to teach them how to draw, it’s nice to have support to teach them these things that aren’t my strong suit.

IMG_0205It was a fun week of school, and we learned a lot. We didn’t do any lap journal pages this week. I think next week I will have him narrate to me about what he’s learned about the pilgrims, but other than that, we will only be adding in maps to our American History Binder.

Can’t wait until next week… more pilgrims, this time in Michigan!!


Mariah said...

We had fun making butter too! : )

I like your horn book! We are going to be making one for our history pocket soon!

The nature study art class looks awesome! We haven't done a nature study yet, so I will have to make time for that!

Monica said...

The Rough Faced Girl was a favorite book for us. Looks like you have a fun filled week!

Kattie said...

We love nature studies, can't go wrong with a class on that! You guys did some great activities this week, thanks for linking up and sharing!

Gator Mommy said...

Making butter was a favorite activity for us last year too! Your little girl looks like she was so proud of herself ;-) Great week.

erin kate said...

Ooh, can't wait to make butter, too. Thanks for the book basket ideas, as well. I keep hearing about Rough Faced Girl. :) Loved seeing your week!

Anonymous said...

HI Amber :)
Loving your blog! I have been HS'in for a few years now using time4learning, but this year I have decided to add unit studys to our lessons. I think they sound like so much fun all around :)
I loved what you have done this past week, thank you for sharing it all with me :)