Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Artist Study: Van Gogh & Artist Book

Van Gogh Info. & Study:

* We placed Van Gogh on our timeline and found Holland on the map (where Vincent Van Gogh was born) as well as France (where he lived for a while).

* Van Gogh sold very few paintings in his life, and did not become famous until after he died. (Two of our books actually said he only sold 1, but I’m not sure if that is true or not)

* Van Gogh wrote his brother lots of letters.

* Van Gogh painted using his feelings, more than reality (this is called Expressionism-painter). He loved the color yellow which he thought meant happiness and friendship. He often painted with thick bumpy paint.

Pictures We Studied

image Bedroom in Arles

image Vase with Twelve Sunflowers

image Starry Night

image Blossoming Almond Tree

Artist Recreations:

I LOVE doing artist recreations – it is during this time that Treyton’s “real” observations come out. IMG_0287

I think it’s because he is forced to look at the original for so long while trying to figure out how to make something similar to it. While simply coloring the starry night, Treyton said “It looks like he’s dreaming in this picture,” something he hadn’t observed when we merely did the picture study. 


I decided to stick with recreating the Starry Night because it was the picture that I most wanted Treyton to remember.


My favorite project was using pastels to recreate the starry night on dark construction paper, outlined in glue (an idea I got from the Crafty Classroom). Before doing the project we read a little bit about pastels, and looked at a few pastel pictures. We also discussed that Van Gogh’s picture was NOT done with pastel’s but that we were going to try to do something a little different.


While doing the picture Treyton said “He [Van Gogh] called the picture starry night, I’m going to call it Starry Night Mixed Together, because there are so many mixed colors.” It took his recreation to realize the color-mixing that Van Gogh actually did to come up with a picture like the Starry Night.    IMG_0294Books we Read/Used

Camille and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt

Vincent's Colors (this book takes Van Gogh’s paintings and pairs them with some of his own words written in his many letters to his younger brother, Theo)

Spot the Difference: Art Masterpiece Mysteries Dover (AWESOME Book!! Love it!)

IMG_0159 Usborne: The Children’s Book of Art by Rosie Dickins

Artist Book

In addition to studying Van Gogh over the past 6 weeks, we also put together our very own Artist Book, where we will continue to add new artists and pictures that we study throughout the year.

IMG_0182 I love this. IMG_0181

Links and Resources

Starry Night Coloring Page

Vase of 12 Flowers Coloring Page

Van Gogh Gallery 

Muddle Puddle Van Gogh Ideas

Van Gogh @ Art Projects for Kids

Paint The Room in Arles Online @ Enchanted Learning (I believe that have one for the Starry Night as well)

Van Gogh Craft @ The Crafty Classroom

Online Interactive Story about entering into a Van Gogh Painting

Artchive: A great site to look at full size artist paintings


MK said...

That looks so fun! I really like the journal you are making to go along with your study! We just started the artist study from Confessions, and my daughter is super excited to make her own creations! I will have to add in some pastels!

Anonymous said...

Starry Night is one of my all time fav! Thank you for sharing this idea, I have just begun to ad unit type study to our learning and something on painting, or artist will be so fun to do :)

Keri~ A Hs'in Mom Loving that homeschool curriculum isn't just black and white