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B4FIAR: Blueberries for Sal

For weeks 12 and 13 we only rowed one book, because Lexie ended up getting the stomach flu, which (like it typically does) lasted 48 hours, and through a real wrench into our school plans. However, it was a good one: Blueberries for Sal.

Lexie, loves rowing books. Seriously, it doesn’t matter what the story is about or what topic we’re learning about – she loves to have a consistent book read to her throughout the week. Every day that we read it she seems to develop even more of a fondness of the story line and characters.

For this story, we got most of our printables from Homeschool Creations (the link is below), so if there’s not a link for the activity mentioned, it’s probably from there.

Go-Along Books:

Are You My Mother? by PD Eastman

The Little Mouse The Red Ripe Strawberry and Hungry Bear by Audrey Wood

Day 1

Dad actually started this unit with the kids while I was at the eye doctor. This was a very special time for both Dad and the kids, I’m so glad they were able to “do school” together.

After reading the story, Alexa used the Blueberry Math Mat Board from homeschool share to count out blueberries to the corresponding numbers. We played this game throughout the week.


Of course we couldn’t read a story about blueberries without having a berry snack. Alexa likes blueberries, however Treyton detest blueberries for some reason (he only dislikes a few foods), so I picked up strawberries for him. We enjoyed a simple fruit snack together.

IMG_0014  IMG_0019

Day 2 

IMG_0002 She matched her colors using fruit and color cards.

IMG_0001Circle the Bb’s on the page (from Confessions).

And we watched the Blueberries for Sal You Tube Video

Day 3

Berry Patterns. Alexa is just learning the concept of patterns, this was a great exercise for her, though it was a little tougher than normal because she had a hard time remembering the names of all the berries (blueberry and strawberry were easy enough, but blackberry through her for a loop :)).

IMG_0060Are you my mother printable – Alexa cut out and glued on the mom and babies that belonged together. She was over-the-moon excited about putting in her and I’s pictures :)


Cover all the B’s worksheet, we used our blue and purple animal figures to cover all the upper and lower case B blueberries.


Day 4

To finish up our unit, Lexie colored a blueberry picture. I told her to color the container brown and the blueberries blue, she decided to do it the other way around (LOL!).


Alexa’s favorite activity was making a blueberry pie with construction paper and paint.  IMG_0018 


Apparently I didn’t get a picture of this, but I also had her do the the Where is Little Bear book, placing little bear below, above, near, under, etc. certain objects. Some of these were easy, some of them weren’t.

IMG_0003 Letters:

We are generally focusing on a letter a week in our five in a row studies, but don’t spend TOO much time on any letter or number other than simple review and recognition.

However, Alexa is loving the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD that her brother once loved. Since starting to watch it, about a month or so ago she has gone from recognizing 8 of the 52 letters (upper and lower case), to recognizing nearly all of them, as well as knowing their sounds!! I praised this DVD a few years ago, when it helped Treyton to learn his letters, and I will again now. This is a great DVD, and the kids LOVE it.


On her own this week she asked me if she could build some letters using building blocks – of course, the answer was yes. She is getting so big, where did the time go?


IMG_0080_1 I wrote on my other blog about the kids both going to AWANA, but wanted to mention it here about how proud I am on Alexa and learning her memory verses. So far she has memorized 1 John 4:10 “God loved us and sent His son.” and the Cubbies motto “Jesus Loves Me.”


Growing Kinders Bear Ideas

Homeschool Creations: Blueberries for Sal Pack

Blueberries for Sal You Tube Video

Blueberry Pie Craft

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