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Book Unit: Curious George

Week 14 of school we rowed Curious George by H.A. Rey

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Day 1

After reading the front title page, we discussed the authors name H.A. Rey. Treyton said “That’s a weird name.” We talked about what initials were, and went through the entire family, figuring out what each of our initials are.

We then looked up the author’s real name (which is Hans Augusto Rey) and learned that he was from Germany, which we located on the map. Treyton was then interested to know how a book from Germany got all the way to America. ;)

From there we located Africa, which is where George is from. Every day we read the book we pointed these places out on the map. IMG_0001

I printed off several monkey activities from Confessions of a Homeschoolers including the pre-writing practice sheets. I put them in sheet protectors for her to use throughout the week.

Alexa also made the DLTK paper monkey craft. Her cutting skills are truly amazing. IMG_0004 She received no help with this craft.


I also found some printable coloring pages, Alexa picked this one to color.

Day 2

Alexa played with Confession’s monkey puzzle. She is really starting to enjoy puzzles and is able to do simple ones on her own. When I gave her this one, she put a few on upside down, I tried to explain to her that puzzles have “edges”, after the first time through she seemed to get it. IMG_0033I didn’t even need to introduce the letter Mm this week. Alexa loves to watch the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD and has learned most of her letters this way. Before I even got the chance to tell her what letter we were learning she said “M says mmmm”.

IMG_0034Next she put monkey numbers 1-10 in order. 9 still slows her down a bit, but once she figures out the other letters she can figure it out. IMG_0036Day 3

We had our co-op on Wednesday of this week, so we didn’t do any activities other than the kids watched 2 old episodes of Curious George. (I’m not referring to the PBS Curious George ones) I mean they’re “old”, I can’t find the DVD right now, but they are re-readings of the original books put to play-doh style choreography (yes, I am very technical :)). They are really good, a classic, a style I want my children to be able to appreciate as they get older.

Day 4

Fire Safety – In the story George inadvertently calls the fire department. I decided to talk to the kids about fire safety in honor of George’s mishap with the fire department. IMG_0003We talked about (& practiced) what we should do if we were on fire: Stop, Drop and ROLL!!


We also talked about what we should do if we were in a building that is on fire and there is smoke around us, we don’t run, we don’t walk – we CRAWL through the house to get to the door.


I also reminded Treyton, and instructed Lexie for the first time, where our designated meeting place is outside of our house, in case of a fire, which is out by our garden on the corner of our lot. We talked about how we should NEVER go back into a house/building that is on fire – no matter what! 

I’m glad we had this great opportunity to review some of the important fire safety rules. Sometimes, you just don’t think about these types of things…

Curious George Printables

I found several cute printables from the PBS Curious George website. Lexie enjoyed these printables, although, like most worksheets, she blows right through them in seconds with no problem.





IMG_0077Day 5

Of course before we could end our unit we had to watch the Curious George Movie the kids have seen it many times, before, but never after becoming so acquainted with the original book. After watching the movie we talked about the differences and how many movies are based off of books, but that they are rarely the exact same.

Although we had already completed most of our lapjournal pages, on our final day I also had Alexa do some size activities which we added in. If Alexa had a weakness it would be with sizes and location vocabulary (i.e. large, small, medium, top, bottom, middle), so this was a good activity for her, meaning it took more than 2 minutes.

IMG_0035I also had her match monkey shapes (from Confessions), she really liked this.  IMG_0022 


Lastly, we did a few monkey bingo games, one with our numbers, and one with letters.

IMG_0034 Alexa really enjoyed school this week, I think because we had a lot of fun activities, and she kept busy. She likes to know that she is a part of school. I enjoyed this week too, I’ve enjoyed Curious George since I was a little girl, so this was a particularly fun week for all of us.


Curious George Printables from PBS

Curious George PBS – games, printables, clips and more 

Confessions of a Homeschooler – Letter M

1+1+1=1 Monkey Tot Pack

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