Sunday, October 2, 2011

FIAR: Katy and the Big Snow (Week 11)


This week we rowed “Katy and the Big Snow” by Virginia Lee Burton. A cute little story about a red tractor by the name of Katy. After the little town of Geopolis is snowed in after a blizzard, Katy is the only one that can save the day.

(New this Week) Felt Board IMG_0001 I spent some time this weekend and made a felt board. Alexa spent some time building a house and yard out of shapes. This went along well with this book which focused on town life, and responsibility.

Day 1IMG_0003 We used our tanagrams to build a snowflake.

IMG_0006We also did some map activities. On the third or fourth page of the book there is a map of Geopolis with a key surrounding it. Treyton and I worked on finding a number and then finding the correlating building. We did this every day we read the book, he enjoyed it so much. IMG_0008We decided to practice some map skills by coloring a map of Wisconsin and labeling where we lived.


If you ask Lexie where she lives, she knows. It was good, to have her do a map exercise to show her.

IMG_0009Treyton’s Map Studies In MFW, we learned about the French exploring Michigan, the great lakes and the Mississippi river. They made friends with the Indians who traded canoes with them. We learned about how they would portage their canoes. Coincidentally Tim (my hubby) is from Portage, and Mommer and Papa still live there, it’s a place that Treyton knows well. So we talked about why the city is called Portage. IMG_0011I had Treyton draw the major rivers of Wisconsin, and then where Portage is located - he understood even more why it was called that.  IMG_0012 He did a great job. IMG_0013

Cottonball Snowman Craft IMG_0022

Day 2

Painting with Tractor Treads Katy is a tractor (obviously), and has treads instead of wheels. We wanted to take a closer look at how different tires make different tracks.

The best way we thought to do this was painting with tires.

IMG_0040We have several tractors, trucks and play cars around here. We pulled several of them out.      IMG_0041 … and went to town (pun intended).


The kids LOVED this activity. IMG_0044

Alexa’s painted tracks. IMG_0045 Treyton’s painted tracks. IMG_0046

A simple activity that we did this week was to just play with tractors. To be honest, Lexie doesn’t play with trucks much, so this was a different type of play-time for her, it was good for her.


Day 3

Build a city with blocks and trains.


Day 4

Do-a-dot letter Ss, from Confessions of a HomeschoolerIMG_0050

Make our own Weather-Wheel


Alexa colored, cut and glued the weather wheel.


 More Map Skills – Drawing the Neighborhood and Bedroom

This is Treyton’s map of our neighborhood. I was really proud of his effort here. Last year I had him map out his bedroom, which did not go nearly this well.  IMG_0054

I had Lexie attempt to map her bedroom. She drew her bed, which was great, the rest of the room were mostly scribbles but they all represented something to her ;)

Day 5

Lexie’s colored a compass. I filled it out for her, but she doesn’t really understand direction yet, but at least she was able to see it and get introduced to it. IMG_0069 

Painting with Snow

IMG_0071We made snow paint with shaving cream and elmer’s glue. I cut out a snowflake and had Lexie paint that first.


Then, because they begged to keep painting I let them paint whatever they wanted out of the snow paint on dark construction paper. IMG_0073 Lexie wanted to do a snowman.

IMG_0074Treyton did a snow blizzard.

Alexa’s Narration


Her original narration:

“Katy is a red tractor, she has wings to push the snow. She pushed the snow. She helped the people, get to the hospital over there. Katy was a hard worker. She worked hard and hard. Work and work and work.”

Retold as she flipped through the story:

“Katy was a red tractor. She pushed the snow in the whole city. A tractor went in the water, Katy pulled the tractor out. Katy came out in the big snow. It was raining, and snow. It dropped and dropped – five drops. Katy be a hard worker going in the snow. Katy pushed the snow to help people, the whole city. Katy worked hard all to over there. Katy kept going and going. There was an airplane, Katy pushed the snow so the airplane could come. Katy went home tired, she was a hard worker.”

Go-Along Books:





Extra Activities: IMG_0067Treyton made a hornbook for Colonial Life, Lexie practiced all her letters and numbers…. IMG_0068

FIAR Update:

We are loving our FIAR journey so far. It’s working out so much better this way. Next week, we will be doing a B4FIAR book (Blueberries for Sal) and from there I think we will be doing Curious George, I think :)


mittelmommy said...

Fun! What a great week! We read this book this year as well(along with a few others you have done!), so, I love getting ideas from you!!

amanda said...

when i grow up, i want to be as good as a teacher as you are! seriously, you're awesome!!

Michelle said...

So, I just happened across your blog as I was searching for FIAR activities (we're rowing Stopping by Woods this coming week and finished Katy last week). Anyways, small world we're in WI too (over on the west side though) but whats really funny is I grew up in Portage. My parents still live there too. So, hello to your family from another family with Portage roots. I can't wait to discover more on your blog. So far I'm loving lots of your ideas!! Thanks for sharing.