Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FIAR – All Those Secrets of the World

This week we read All Those Secrets of the World by Jane Yolen


Veteran Studies:

We mostly focused this week on learning about who are veterans are, what they’ve done for us and how they deserve our honor.

I found a cute paper craft on several different blogs that I copied. I think the original idea came from Mrs. Jump’s blog. I drew three veterans and the kids and I colored them camouflage.      IMG_0061 We then cut them out and pasted them together. IMG_0068

They turned out really cute.



The “secret of the world” is revealed when the little girl in the story discovers that an object further away is smaller than when it’s close. Her father, leaves on a big huge ship, but the following day when she sees several ships on the horizon, they look like little dots.

I cut out some shapes, and had Alexa build her own ship.



This story focuses on a family left at home, while their Dad is off at war. I had Lexa narrate to me a little bit about her family in her own words.

“My family is Mama, Audrey, Daddy and Treyton. Mommy loves me, Daddy loves me, Train loves me, Audge doesn’t like me, because she bites me. She hurts me when she bites me.

My family hugs me, my whole family hugs me.

When Dad gets home, he loves me and gives me kisses. He tickles me and loves me when he gets home.

I stay with mommy because I live with her. I love her and I like to live with her.

I like to play games with Treyton. Mommy and Treyton play games with me. I like to play uno with Treyton, I like to play house – playing mom and dad with Treyton. Duck, duck goose I like to play with Treyton.

I like to read books with Audrey.”

Lexa has not really gotten into drawing people yet, I thought that this would be a good time to encourage this a little bit more. First, we used our mat and wood pieces to introduce the body concept and the main features she would draw.


Next, I drew on the board and she followed along. IMG_0025She did a great job. She wanted to finish her family on her own. I am very proud of her work. IMG_0026

Lastly, I had Alexa use her felt board and pieces to make a house picture that a family could live in. She would identify and then place the shapes as she used them.


Letter V

Our letter this week was V for Veterans. IMG_0040

Alexa built the letter V with our wood pieces and mat.


She had such a fun job making Vs that I also had her make B (for Boat)


I printed the Vv do-a-dot page from Confessions of a Homeschooler, which is always a highlight for, Lex.


Extra Preschool Activities

Numbers 1-10

Lexie put her fish numbers 1-10 in order, completely on her own. She interchanges between 6 and 9 sometimes, but that’s getting less and less.  IMG_0005 Drawing


For some reason Lexie was on a big camping kick this week. Telling all of us that we were going to go camping together. Tim and I told her at first that we weren’t going to go camping again until next summer, but she just kept going on and on with it. It drove Treyton nuts, but eventually Tim and I just let it go and let her talk.

This was a picture she drew of us camping.

The blue heart shape was Tim’s bed. The pink bed was for me and Lexie (we slept together a few times on our recent Louisiana trip and she really loved it). The sun is obvious. There is also a pink cat right below our bed. There is a little green person, next to Tim’s bed, that’s Treyton and on the far right is a skinny purple line which was Audrey’s bed. The purple near the top is the campfire where Dad, Treyton and Alexa are making smores.

Adorable, right?

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Right!! Absolutely adorable - love her creativity.