Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Human Body – Bones and Muscles

Over the past two weeks we have been learning about the Skeleton and Muscles in our Human Body studies (in addition to the awesome human body creations we made at our monthly co-op)

I should interrupt here and clarify a few things. We are using Pandia Press REAL Life Science and are loving it, but I also stumbled across this Scholastic Easy Make & Learn Projects: Human Body, which has been very helpful, I’ve supplemented several of their activities for Pandia Press’s – they were very similar, I just liked Scholastic’s a little better.


For our introduction to the skeleton system we made a paper skeleton.

Treyton did so good at this. I cut the pieces out the night before, which he was a little disappointed by (which surprised me, he usually doesn’t like cutting), so he insisted on connecting (with brads) the skeleton on his own.


He did an awesome job.


We read a few resources and books on bones. With the main points I wanted Treyton to remember being:

  • We have 206 bones in our body.
  • The smallest bone is in our ear.
  • Bones cannot move without muscles.
  • Without bones we would be like “goo” with no shape.
  • Bones protect the softer parts of our body.
  • Bones are alive and they grow.

We wrote the main points down and included them in our human body lapjournal.

Also from the scholastic book we made a few other bone pieces. IMG_0017We could have skipped these, as they didn’t add anything to our other activities, but I had already printed them, so we went ahead and did them.    



We learned that muscles make our bones move. That we have over 600 muscles, that make up half of our weight.   IMG_0012I had Treyton color and assemble a movable muscle model out of our scholastic book.

IMG_0014We learned the muscles should be used and exercised to keep them healthy. We also talked about how if we work our muscles really hard, they can grow stronger and stronger. He flexed his own muscles to show me some “muscles in action”.

IMG_0017We illustrated muscles with a rubberband to show how they can tighten and stretch and go back to the same shape that they were before, and that it is the tightening and releasing that help the bones to move and the muscles to grow.


After all our reading and illustrations, Treyton wrote a few sentences about all that he had learned to include in his human body lapjouranal.



Thanks to pinterest, I found this awesome Body Bingo game!! I colored all the pieces and cut them out. Treyton and I played against each other, but as you can tell, he can get a little “controlling of my board” if I’m not playing fast enough ;)

We traced our body shapes, to use later with our MFW co-op, the kids LOVE doing this. A friend of mine mentioned that she did this every year for her kids birthdays, which I thought would be a great idea – you could even write on there what some of their favorite things are.


I’ve been adding in a few fun things for Alexa as well, some of which make for easy supplements for Treyton. The first one was a face and body parts identification printable.

IMG_0026 IMG_0029

Letter B – is for Body Alexa cut out and glued on all the pieces herself. IMG_0013 


We are loving learning about the human body again, last time we went through it, we did more hands-on activities which I liked, and would like to do again, but just haven’t had the time (ugh… I hate to even admit that). Although all those things are fun, the kids are still learning and believe it or not, are still having fun, which is really what matters.

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This looks like a lot of fun Amber! I love everything that you pull together! :)