Monday, November 7, 2011

I’ve Been Nominated!! Please Vote!

So I just found out this morning (thanks to Beth at Living Life Intentionally) that I’ve been nominated for the 2011 Homeschool Blog Awards!!

Thank you for those who nominated me, I am so appreciative and humbled. Now that I’m nominated, I wonder if you all would be willing to vote for me!

I have been nominated in the category of “Favorite Homeschool Mom Blog” which is a tough category (in fact I see a few of my blog favorites on the list).

To vote is really easy, you don’t need to register or sign in, all you need to do is click on the button below and vote. image  Voting is open from November 7th-18th, and I believe you are able to vote once for each member in your household – with up to 5 votes per IP address/network.

Here are the “official rules” per the Homeschool Post:

  • Read the terms and conditions before you vote.
  • Votes are based on IP and cookies.
  • You may only vote ONCE (in ALL categories) per person in your home. And no, it doesn’t matter the age of the person – you can vote for your 2 year old if you really want to.
  • Do not send in duplicate votes from a cell phone in different hot spots. One vote per person – be honest.
  • No more than 5 votes per network/IP (if there are more, we have the right to delete all votes from that IP/network).
  • You don’t have to vote on everything at once. You can vote for one category and come back later for the rest.
  • If you click on the DOT, it will vote. If you click on the BLOG NAME, you can go to the site.
  • Once you vote, you can’t SEE the rest of the nominees any more (or click to go to their blogs) – so please do your browsing BEFORE you vote. We will list these again after the awards are over for your convenience (either in a post or page), so don’t worry – you’ll get to see them again eventually.
  • Email us at thehomeschoolpost @ gmail . com (remove extra spaces) if you have any questions or problems
  • Spread the word!

There are other categories open for you to vote on as well, if you’re interested!!

Thanks for the support and this opportunity!!

Now --- go vote!!!

And (if you don’t mind), spread the word!!


Jessica-MomForHim said...

It still won't let me vote--I keep getting 404 error not found.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Weird, I keep getting an error when I try on my desktop, and when I tried to vote on my nook 2 days ago, it said I had already voted (which I hadn't). I just tried again on my nook and this time it said thank you for voting, so I guess it finally worked!

Monica said...

Congrats girl !