Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TOS Crew: Artistic Pursuits

HSCrew468x60AnimatedI had the opportunity to review the Artistic Pursuits Grades K-3 Book 1: An Introduction to the Visual Arts. imageLast year some of the TOS Crew had been given the opportunity to review this product, for which I was not selected, so when I found out I was selected this year to review it I was EXTACTIC!!

We love art in our house. I mean, LOVE art – artist study, crafts, creating, drawing, painting, play-doh, you name it and we will at the very least try it, so I was really looking forward to seeing what Artistic Pursuits could offer to our family.

Product Description:

This art program is designed to do 1 lesson a week.

Each lesson is broken down into three main parts – an introduction to the new concept, an example of the concept by a real artist, and finally a chance for the child to use the concept in their own piece of art.

In Book 1, the child learns to use a variety of materials including: ebony pencils, pastel sticks, oil pastels, watercolor crayons, colored paper craft, and self-hardening clay. These supplies the teacher will need to have on hand.

There are three primary sections in this book, learning what artist do, what artist see and exploring ancient art.

To view sample pages of two different lessons you can visit their website.

Product Review

I love, love, love this approach to art. The process of teaching a child a new artistic concept and then showing them a real-life example of it from an actual artist and allowing them to create their own original art work is genius!!

We enjoy artist study in our home, and while I appreciate focusing on a specific artist at a time to help the child remember and form a relationship to the artist, I also appreciate this approach which allows the child to learn the different methods and techniques of art in a rich and rewarding way. IMG_0059The kids and I really enjoyed the lessons that we did. We started (obviously) with lesson 1 where we learned that artist compose. We looked at a picture by Pieter De Hooch call The Courtyard of a House in Delft from 1658.

IMG_0056We then drew a picture of something we had seen in our home that day. We used an ebony pencil for the first time.

IMG_0057I gave Treyton a couple pointers and then we got to work – him on his picture, me on mine – and the pictures turned out really nice. Treyton got really creative and was truly inspired by both the picture he had seen of the artist example, and the fact that I was doing my own drawing.  IMG_0058It was not only a great lesson, but a nice time spent together, creating.

I plan on continuing to use this product in our schooling as a primary art program.

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You can purchase this curriculum from their website for $42.95, the supplies needed must be purchased separately.

Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this curriculum for the purpose of my review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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His drawings are adorable! We love Artistic Pursuits also :0)