Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 17 (Adventures Week 14): Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland and South Carolina


This week we talked about four new states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland and South Carolina. We had a great week, but I’ll be honest, I wish we weren’t doing so many states at a time, I would love to slow it down a little bit and take just a little bit more time with each state.


We followed a very similar process to the one I explained in my post last week. In addition, Treyton asked to complete his Melissa and Doug United States Floor Puzzle.


We read portions of our weekly books for each state and then did our state passports, state pages and state coloring pages.

IMG_0006I try to find a fun activity to go with each state, to help remember it, but we only did two activities (Massachusetts and South Carolina) this week.


IMG_0088We were supposed to make robin nests on this day but we didn’t have the supplies, so we read a robin book instead.



We learned from reading “The Boy on Fairfield Street” that Dr. Seuss was originally from Massachusetts. We love Dr. Seuss around here, so we pulled out our Dr. Seuss hat, and played around with that for a while.

IMG_0014Next, we decided to pick one Dr. Seuss book to read. IMG_0010Treyton decided on “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” before reading the book I talked to the kids about what antonyms are, I simplified it to Lexa asking her to try and find two opposites to remember in the story. Since then, Treyton has been so proud, telling me all the time the opposites that he finds. He forgets the word “antonym”, an calls it “animan”, but at least he’s trying. IMG_0015

After we read all about Dr. Seuss and some of his work, I had Treyton use his imagination to create his own animal. He made a chicken with horns, and names him zak, we made a list of rhyming words and used them to describe him.


Because we loved having our Boston Tea Party so much a few weeks ago, I had the idea of reading our Dr. Seuss stories during “tea” time to celebrate both aspects of Massachusetts. The kids LOVED this idea!!  IMG_0024


Due to our schedule on this day, we simply completed our state pages for this state.


South Carolina


We learned that South Carolina had a problem with pirates for several years in the 1700s. So I found a few fun pirate ideas.

I found this printable patch and pirate hat which Treyton look adorable wearing!! 


Next, we made this free pirate glyph from Mrs. M’s blog. IMG_0056These were such fun additions to school this week, it was hard not too get carried away with the idea of doing an entire pirate unit! (I’m still not totally over the idea…. but we’ll see)

IMG_0057  IMG_0052  

Chapter Book Reading

Treyton’s doing pretty well with his reading, and continues to make his way through the Magic Tree House book. I’m not sure if we will continue on with chapter books or not, as I can see his confidence waning a bit. IMG_0044


For AWANA this week they had drive-in movie night. The kids were supposed to build their own cardboard box car to watch the movie in. IMG_0002

Daddy helped Treyton build the frame. Treyton decorated it. And mom had the idea to add headlights, which Dad engineered.

IMG_0034 Treyton was kind enough to let his little sisters take a spin too! IMG_0036

Farmer Boy – Milk and Popcorn        

We’re reading the book Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We did the milk and popcorn experiment that Almanzo did as a kid. If you take a cup of milk and an equal cup of popcorn, you can put the popcorn in the milk without it overflowing out of the container. (Our’s look like it overflowed, because we purposely overflowed it with rocks before we started to show that normally the milk would overflow). IMG_0081  

We had a fun week of school, and are really enjoying our state studies. We will be doing some fun Thanksgiving activities next week, but then we will be taking about 3 weeks off of school, so you won’t be seeing as much from us for a while.

We hope you have Happy Holidays!!


Phyllis said...

I love reading about your weeks. They are so full of great things. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

Susana said...

Hey Amber, I've been enjoying reading about all you do with MFW this year. I am looking at it for Joe for second grade and wondering if you plan to stick with it/what your overall thoughts on it are? We would be going with Adventures that you are using this year.

As much as I love FIAR and BFIAR, I simply can't continue on with it. The prep is too time consuming with me right now with all I have on my plate with the other kids, home and homeschool. I am going to be simplifying tons when we start back up in January. We will continue to do learning extensions, crafts, etc., but no longer with FIAR.

Any advice you have is greatly appreciated. Sorry for this long comment, I should have emailed :-).