Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 18: Thanksgiving

Cranberry Thanksgiving

To celebrate Thanksgiving we read the book “A Cranberry Thanksgiving” and watched this video on Youtube to go along with it.


To learn more about cranberries we watched Dirty Jobs, the Cranberry Farm episode (Season 3, Episode 11) on netflix, on the recommendation of the Almost Unschoolers blog. IMG_0002We had picked up a bag of fresh cranberries from the store for this week, so I had the kids practice wet harvesting like we saw on the episode using a glass pan and colander. IMG_0006

Next, we talked about why the cranberries floated to the top.

IMG_0005I cut one open and asked the kids if they could see anything on the inside that would make them think that the cranberries would float… after a few guesses, they finally figured out that it was the air pockets that caused them to float. IMG_0009

The kids really enjoyed scooping and playing with the cranberries in the water.

Fine Motor Crannberry Activity

While we had the cranberries out, the kids used a spoon to take one cranberry at a time from the bowl to a bucket. Alexa recalled that it made the same sound that the blueberries made in “Blueberries for Sal.” She filled the entire bucket up!

IMG_0038Treyton was a little bored with this activity, but he filled the bucket. IMG_0044



I printed off several turkey and thanksgiving printables – all of which you can find on my pinterest Thanksgiving board.


Alexa ate it up!! She loves worksheets. 


I had some age appropriate ones for each of the older kids.

IMG_0013I wasn’t sure if Alexa could do the color-by-numbers/letters yet, but I think this one was her favorite because she was doing something like Treyton. IMG_0019

Thanksgiving Tree

Every year we make a thanksgiving tree, normally out of the kids handprints. This year we decided to use our Jesse Tree branches and our cricut to make our leaves. IMG_0020

Then the two older kids divided the leaves between them and we wrote down (Treyton wrote his own, I wrote Alexa’s) the things they wanted to thank God for. IMG_0025

After we wrote them all down, I had Treyton cut the strings while Lex and I punched holes in the leaves. IMG_0027We strung them and hung them on the tree. IMG_0030I think it turned out really cute.

Cranberry Sauce

Since we already had the cranberries, we wanted to make our own “secret recipe” just like in our story, so Treyton and I made our very own cranberry sauce, using a few pointers online.

IMG_0048It turned out pretty good.

After we made our sauce, Treyton got pretty creative, and really wanted to try to make his own recipe. IMG_0046He told me he wanted to take a piece of bread, put it in the oven and cover it with our new sauce and bake it. I think it was his attempt at making “cranberry bread”. Which was super creative (and cute). So we did it!!


He was so proud, and Tim did a great job of praising his “work”.


For Thanksgiving we took Treyton’s sauce and put it over cream cheese. It was a huge hit with the family!!

Painting Pumpkins

We love painting around here, so of course, the most natural pumpkin activity we could do is to paint them, right?!? 

We had Audrey and Peyton (both 20 months) join in with paper painting.   IMG_0037It was a fun time for all! IMG_0038Audrey particularly enjoyed eating the paint.    IMG_0043Alexa painted her entire pumpkin, while Treyton painted actual scenes. IMG_0049I love seeing their differences come out in their work.  IMG_0050

Shape Scarecrow                        IMG_0036

I can’t remember where I found this shape scarecrow, but I did it with Alexa sometime during the week, she loved it!!

Thanksgiving Puzzles



It was obviously a pretty relaxed week as we practiced thanking God for His many blessings in our lives and family.

We hope your holiday was just as relaxed!!


Kristina said...

What a wonderful time you all had! Love your Thankful Tree-- turned out so pretty! Cute pics of the kids, especially of your little eating the paint! Oh no! Thanks for sharing!

@School Time Snippets

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Your Thanksgiving post is the best I have seen so far! Your amazing, lady! :)