Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Week 19 (Adventures Week 15): New Hampshire, Virginia, New York and North Carolina

Books We Read:

We went through our state books and atlases with each state, but otherwise we kept it really simple this week as it was the week before Christmas. Which was a nice change of pace.

Statue of Liberty:

Treyton was really interested in the Statue of Liberty this week – we measured different parts of our body and compared it to Liberty. IMG_0058Liberty’s nose is 4 ft. 6 in. long, her mouth is 3 ft wide. IMG_0003When Treyton colored the picture of the Statue of Liberty he had me write the measurements on there so he could remember. IMG_0055Alexa did a statue of liberty dot-to-dot, she just started doing these, and seems to like them.

State Pages:

Treyton continues to do state pages for each of the states, as well as his passport, coloring page and state cards (in order).

IMG_0006(New Hampshire)


IMG_0001(North Carolina)

IMG_0004(New York)

I really admire how hard Treyton works to add his own creativity to his state pages. He likes routine and to know the way he’s supposed to do something. Creating pages like this with their own unique style and twist for each state, but having the same basic pieces is exactly the kind of activity Treyton does well with. He knows what is expected and he takes the initiative to do it.

Farmer’s Boy:

We started reading Farmer’s Boy again this week, I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to finish it or not because it was a little tough to read with all three kids during story time, the girls really don’t pay attention during it, and cause quite the disturbance. However, Treyton begs to read it so we are. Next week, when we actually are a little more motivated with school, I am going to ask Treyton if he would like to complete the lapbook I found on Homeschool Share.


We finished Level 1 in All About Spelling, and moved on to Level 2. Treyton was SUPER pumped about his accomplishment, he’s been marking off his chart step by step looking forward to the finish.


He insist on continuing to read the Magic Tree House books, though I was willing to back off of them a little bit after he finished the Revolutionary War (#22). I think they are just a little too tough for him yet, but I don’t think he’s really willing to admit it, so I’m going to let him continue to read them and just offer a little more assistance which he doesn’t seem to mind.

He did discover that the series is written with a book order. I tried to explain that you don’t have to read them in the actual numerical order, but pick which topics you liked. He’d have none of that talk. So we went to Barnes and Noble and picked out the first 5 in the series, to add to his Reading Chart reward basket. He will be starting with book 1 next week :) (He is so his mother’s child).

See You Next Year!

I had planned to do school next week (the week between Christmas and New Years) but we got the stomach flu – AGAIN – so it seems best to just wait until next year to start up again.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year, and we’ll see you next year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Artist Study: Claude Monet

Paintings Studied

image The Water Lily Pond

image Impression Sunrise

image Waterlillies

image Red Poppies at Argenteuil

image La Japonaise


"What could be said about me -- a man to whom only his painting matters? And of course his garden and his flowers as well."

Activities We Did

Impression Sunrise Re-Creation

We attempted to recreate the Impression Sunrise on canvas with oil paints – we talked about how these paints are different than paints we’ve used before, they take a long time to dry (which we saw first hand after 24 hours and they weren’t dry AT ALL) and are hard to clean. IMG_0035We also don’t normally paint on canvas, but Claude Monet did, so we talked about the difference between canvas and paper.  IMG_0041

Treyton rushed through it a little bit after I warned him about getting it on his skin. That it would be hard to get off: for my “clean kid” this is not his idea of a good time :) But it turned out nice I think.

IMG_0001 I painted it too  – I really enjoy doing the artist recreations. IMG_0002

For the record, we will not be using oil paints again for a long, long time (if ever) – I still have blue paint in my sink I can’t get out!

The Water Lily Pond – Bridge IMG_0033 I got this idea from the crafty classroom.

IMG_0026Treyton was very methodical with the entire process, he had a reason for every color he used and how he used it. I love to watch his creative juices flowing.


Treyton’s project, drying: IMG_0031

Alexa loves painting, and really enjoyed this activity, but no matter how many times i asked her, she would not cover the entire page with paint :) Needless to say, it didn’t reveal much of a bridge…. but she had a lot of fun. IMG_0032 Treyton and I’s finished projects. IMG_0038Books

We read lots of books this time, while studying Monet.

Katie Meets the Impressionists by James Mayhew (not just about Claude Monet)

Katie and the Waterlily Pond by James Mayhew

The Magical Garden of Claude Monet (Treyton’s favorite) by Laurence Anholt

What Makes a Monet a Monet (We didn’t read the entire, but used for pictures and I skimmed a few pages with Treyton)

Claude Monet the Painter Who Stopped the Trains by P.I. Maltbie (haven’t read yet but we will)

Usborne First Book of Art (pages 38-39)

Usborne the Children’s Book of Art (pages 28-29)

Spot the Difference: Art Masterpiece Mysteries (page 40-41)

Links & Resources

Claude Monet Craft @ The Crafty Classroom

Monet Coloring Page @ Enchanted Learning

Olga’s Gallery of Monet Paintings (over 200)

Monet Artist Study on Squidoo

TOS Crew: The World’s Greatest Stories


Product Description:

A series of Bible story CDs taken directly from scripture for children. Creating a fun, easy-to-listen to story time for children by causing fun changes with his voice. Parents can choose from either KJV or NIV. imageThere are currently 6 Volumes available:

  • The Prophets
  • The Life of Christ
  • Beginnings
  • Joshua & Esther
  • Joseph & His Brothers
  • Defeating Giants image

Product Review:

My kids are just starting to get into listening to stories on CDs, so when given the chance to review the World’s Greatest Stories I jumped on it! What better stories to listen to than scripture?

Treyton thoroughly enjoyed listening to these CDs. By changing his voice at different times, the speaker really kept his interest. He has listened to this CD over and over.

As a teacher and even more particularly a parent, I love the fact that these stories are not altered in any way but taken directly from scripture.

These are great quiet and travel time activities for kids (or adults) of any age. This is a great product!

To purchase your own or listen to a sample visit the Worlds Greatest Stories online. Each volume cost $7.95 each.

To see what others are saying visit the TOS Crew Blog.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary CD for the purpose of my review, as an affiliate of the TOS Crew, the opinions expressed are my own.

MFW Co-op: Pumpkins

Last month we studied pumpkins with our co-op. Ms. Amanda planned lots of fun activities.

IMG_0004She had the kids make paper pumpkins. IMG_0001They started by marble painting the paper for their pumpkins. IMG_0003After they dried, we cut them into strips, IMG_0030attached brads on one end, and pipe cleaners on the other end for a stem and leaf.    

Pumpkin Life Cycle

My favorite activity was a life cycle pumpkin the kids made. Amanda printed off the life cycle of a pumpkins (there were 6 circles with the different stages). IMG_0024

The kids colored them, cut them out and then attached them in order to a piece of yarn which they then inserted into a paper pumpkin. IMG_0023Measuring Pumpkins

The kids each got to cut yarn the length they thought they needed to wrap around a small pumpkin and a large pumpkin. IMG_0009It was a great estimating game for the kids. IMG_0020


Preschool Group

The preschoolers read a pumpkin book. IMG_0005The got to wash their own little pumpkins in water. IMG_0013They then made pumpkin prints. IMG_0026 And decorated their pumpkins with foam stickers. IMG_0027I’m thinking that I might be missing a few activities, but it was several weeks ago that we actually had this co-op and I haven’t had time to write the post, I’m going off my memory (not my best asset) and the pictures I took.