Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MFW Co-op: Pumpkins

Last month we studied pumpkins with our co-op. Ms. Amanda planned lots of fun activities.

IMG_0004She had the kids make paper pumpkins. IMG_0001They started by marble painting the paper for their pumpkins. IMG_0003After they dried, we cut them into strips, IMG_0030attached brads on one end, and pipe cleaners on the other end for a stem and leaf.    

Pumpkin Life Cycle

My favorite activity was a life cycle pumpkin the kids made. Amanda printed off the life cycle of a pumpkins (there were 6 circles with the different stages). IMG_0024

The kids colored them, cut them out and then attached them in order to a piece of yarn which they then inserted into a paper pumpkin. IMG_0023Measuring Pumpkins

The kids each got to cut yarn the length they thought they needed to wrap around a small pumpkin and a large pumpkin. IMG_0009It was a great estimating game for the kids. IMG_0020


Preschool Group

The preschoolers read a pumpkin book. IMG_0005The got to wash their own little pumpkins in water. IMG_0013They then made pumpkin prints. IMG_0026 And decorated their pumpkins with foam stickers. IMG_0027I’m thinking that I might be missing a few activities, but it was several weeks ago that we actually had this co-op and I haven’t had time to write the post, I’m going off my memory (not my best asset) and the pictures I took. 

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