Friday, January 6, 2012

Letter F & The Story of Jonah

This week Alexa started her “new” preschool program. It was AWESOME, the only negative was that I couldn’t seem to come up with enough – and I came up with A LOT!  IMG_0018Explode the Code 

The ETC workbook went even better than I though. Alexa feels like such a big girl doing them and she loves showing off her work to dad at the end of the day. IMG_0076


Find the letter Ff

Alexa has been doing these worksheets from Confessions for a while and has really liked them, so I decided to keep doing them even though I think she’s got it down pretty well.

IMG_0023Letter F says /f/

I really emphasized the sounds of the letter Ff this week – I used Homeschool Creation’s Alphabet Cut and Paste page for the letter f, to give her some hands-on practice. IMG_0025I had her point to each picture, say what it was and tell me what sound and letter it started with. Our ETC workbook also has some practice with this, so by the end of the week, I think she thought she knew ALL of the /f/ words. :) IMG_0026

File Folder Games IMG_0038 (Color Matching)

Alexa LOVES the file folder games I made for her, she wants to do them every day. I am trying to hold on to a few so that they stay appealing to her, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to. IMG_0039 (Numbers 1-20, put them in order)

IMG_0042 (Shape Matching)IMG_0043

Jonah and the Big Fish

IMG_0044We read the story of Jonah this week, which Alexa was not well acquainted with yet.   Unlike Treyton, she needs to hear Bible stories SEVERAL times before she remembers it, which is great, because we like reading them :) IMG_0047After reading the story, I had a small craft for her to do, but come to find out all three of the kids wanted to do it – so I quickly cut out enough fish and Jonah’s for all of them out of cardstock. IMG_0048I love watching how different and unique they all are in their crafts. Audrey still hard to tell, because of her age, but she has her own method of working that’s her very own. I love homeschooling… :) IMG_0067

For the craft, I cut out two pieces of cardstock for each project, had the kids paint one side of each fish. We then partially stapled them together, stuffed in some tissue paper to give it some “body” and cut out “little Jonah’s” which the kids pretended the fish would swallow and spit back up.

Treyton went with the more colorful, random spotted style with his fish, while Alexa neatly striped her fish with specific color choices, and Audrey laid it on nice and thick, in smaller sections :)IMG_0072

Sort Upper and Lower Case Ffs (Confessions) IMG_0073

Build a Letter IMG_0090

Fish Patterns (from Confessions)

Alexa is not so great with the patterns, but with a little bit of help, she is slowly getting it. I think next week (for the letter B) I’m going to try to use beads…. IMG_0091Writing Numbers

I wanted Alexa to start learning to write her numbers as well, at least tracing them, this week we worked on number 1 and 2. She loves writing, so this was an easy filler for her after she finished everything else I had for the day.


F is for Fingerprints


F is for Fish (Tanagrams) IMG_0101

Number Bingo

I focused on numbers 11-20, as she is just now learning to recognize those numbers. This was a stretch for her, but I think I will keep it up for a few weeks (at least), because she did enjoy it and asked for more. IMG_0120

Writing the Letter Ff

IMG_0125One of the main areas of focus for Alexa this semester is learning to write her letters. We adjusted slowly into this – Alexa would trace the letter F f, every day before writing it.


Then she practiced her pre-writing skills, and straight lines, and then traced the letter to learn the process of writing this letter, and finally on to writing the actual letter with no assistance. IMG_0129 So proud of her good work!! IMG_0130

A B Seas Game  

We played the AB Seas game, where you go fishing for the alphabet fish. We would name, make the sound of the letter and then match to it’s lower case letter. IMG_0132

Rainbow Fish

We read several Rainbow Fish books this week, that Alexa really enjoyed. IMG_0001

She made her own rainbow fish from this DLTK printable and different colored tissue paper (which she cut herself).

IMG_0005It turned out really cute.

Tot School for Audrey (22 months)

Audrey is becoming more and more interested in school, but does not prefer to do anything I direct her towards – she only wants to do what Alexa or Treyton are doing.

I did manage to entertain her for about 3 minutes with the Melissa and Doug Shape Puzzles. IMG_0021She loves do-a-dots and coloring, so I’m doing the best I can to entertain her with those things, because when she’s not entertained…. it doesn’t go well…. for any of us. IMG_0118Of course, I’m not giving up, we have lots of toys and games to keep her busy, but if the “big kids” are at the table working on “school” no matter how awesome the toy is, it just doesn’t cut it.

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