Sunday, January 29, 2012

Letter Mm: Mice and M&Ms

This week Alexa learned about the Letter Mm. She continues to delight and amaze me with her eagerness to and ease of learning.



Our core remains the Explode the Code workbook which Alexa BEGS to do!! She loves it!


We worked on Confessions of a Homeschoolers M printables throughout the week for both Monkeys and M&Ms.

IMG_0232(Play-doh Mat)

IMG_0248 (Audrey’s Contribution :))

IMG_0237(Circle the letter Ms)


IMG_0270(Learning to Write the Letter Mm)

IMG_0293(M is for Monkey Puzzle)

M says /m/ Cut-Out Page from Homeschool Creations


Mouse Paper Craft from DLTK


“No More Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed” Rhyme and Cut-Outs


IMG_0273 (Alexa saying “No More Monkeys!!”)

Geography: Finding Wisconsin on the Map

IMG_0257Treyton is taking a personal responsibility in teaching Alexa her states, he’s decided that the next state, after Wisconsin that she should learn should be Maine…. we’ll see how easily she picks it up :)

Build the Letter M with Cuisenaire Rods


Math: Numbers 1-20 in order

IMG_0295  (Under Construction File Folder Game)

Reading with Treyton


I-Pad Games

IMG_0341Alexa loves to play games on the I-Pad, most all of the games that we have are educational. This week I downloaded ABCs of God, which Alexa has thoroughly enjoyed. (I think it was $2.99) and I highly recommend it.

Writing her Letters


Alexa loves writing the letters that she learns. It is the hardest thing that she learns throughout the week, and often times when I first introduce the letter to her, she gets a little flustered, but by the end of the week she gets it and it’s worth the extra work for her. So far she has learned the letters in her name and b, f, and m. She will often times, trace them in the air for her Dad and I, as well as on the table. We’re so proud of her!

M&M Fun: Color Sorting and Patterns




Tot School – Fun for Audrey


Mom’s Favorite:


I love how much fun we’re having with school. It takes some time to plan it all and get it ready, but it’s totally worth it when I can see this face as she’s learning!!

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