Friday, January 6, 2012

(Week 20) MFW Week 16: Rhode Island, Vermont and Daniel Boone

We learned two new states this week: Rhode Island and Vermont. We kept our studies basic besides spending a little bit more time learning about maple syrup (and of course enjoying a little taste test) which Vermont is known for.

Syrup Videos

When we learned about Vermont being known for maple syrup, we were also reading about Almanzo and his dad collecting maple sap and boiling it down for sugar and syrup. I found some fun maple sap collecting and syrup making videos which were very informative to watch. I’m actually inspired to try and make some syrup of our own, during the sap season (whenever that is :)).

Daniel Boone

Treyton was really interested in Daniel Boone this week. I think it helped that his friend H, has talked to Treyton about him before, I guess he watches some Daniel Boone show (…?). 

Knowing that there was some kids show out there, I decided to search for a youtube video – I found this one – Treyton and Alexa LOVED it. They watched it every day.

In addition to American Pioneers and Patriots and the Story of Us, I found this Daniel Boone book at the library. This one was a fun one. After I explained to Treyton what exaggeration was, he had a lot of fun picking out the parts of the book he thought might actually be true and what might be an exaggeration. 

My Dad and Me Book

On Tuesday night Tim has Bible Study. This week Treyton really struggled with Tim being gone. Several times he mentioned how much he missed him when he was gone, then he came up with the idea of making a book. He wanted to make a book about his dad, that he could look at whenever he was away at work or Bible study. I thought it was a really sweet idea, so the next day we started working on it.

I pulled out some recent and older pictures of the two of them together as well as a few pictures of Tim by himself. Then we went through a simple writing process discussing his possible audience, the importance of explaining why he was writing this book, and what the book was all about.

IMG_0099I asked him what types of things he wanted to put in this book – which I wrote on pieces of scrap paper, then I had Treyton put them in the order he wanted to put them in his book…. Finally, we got started on the actual book.


I explained to Treyton what a title was and we made one for the book cover.


For the first 6 pages (day 1), I had Treyton word and write everything himself, without me writing it and him copying. He doesn’t do this a lot, as it can easily frustrate him, so we took it slow and he far exceeded my expectations.









He isn’t quite finished with his book yet, so I’ll be posting more pictures next week as well.

Phonics: Blends

We focused on learning blends this week, in both our All About Spelling, Level 2 and Explode the Code book 2. After focusing this week so extensively on consonant blends, I have decided to skip the rest of ETC book 2, and we will start book 3 next week. Treyton did really well with the blends, and more than the consonant blends he seems to struggle more with distinguishing the single short vowel sound, which I’m not sure what to do about.

For example, spend – he would spell spind. It doesn’t help that I don’t say my /e/ and /i/ very differently, so I try to emphasize the /e/ better, but then it kind of gives it away (I’m not so subtle) ;)

Either way, I’m proud of the progress he made with the blends in this past week. 

Farmer Boy: Planted Potatoes

In addition to the syrup video we watched this week, Treyton also wondered about growing potatoes, like Almanzo’s family.


Lucky for him, sitting in our pantry, just waiting for something better to do than sprouting in the dark were some small red potatoes.

IMG_0146We cut a potato in half, and planted them both in a planter. IMG_0147


This week we introduced subtraction of numbers between 1-100. At first we did simple problems like 58-5=, which he did fine with. But then we stepped up to 55-8=, type problems. Once we did the harder problems he stalled in a major way. It seems as though he forgot many of his (1-20) subtraction math facts over our extended Christmas break…. no biggie, I just made him some fancy flashcards and put them in a book for us to do some fun review with. IMG_0119

As he answers the addition and math facts (up to 20), he gets to put a sticker on the flashcard (HUGE incentive for him). Within two days of this extra practice, he was right back to where he was in his math textbook.


I got an I-Pad for Christmas, which the kids are digging in a major way. They love watching PBS videos, playing the games and watching the many education youtube videos I pull up for them…. even Audrey loves it :) IMG_0124This was the fullest week of school we’ve had in a long while, it feels so good to be getting back to a routine. Sadly, next week we will be back to a some what unpredictable schedule, as my sister is scheduled to have a C-Section on Monday, which I am going to be there for, and then I may have my niece come and stay with us for part of the week as well, either way, it’s going to be a busy week – but we still plan on doing school…. hopefully.


Kristina said...

What a super sweet book your son made of his daddy! Aww!

Enjoy looking at your blog!!

Mariah said...

The Daddy book is so sweet! We made a simular one a couple years back for Father's Day!
We are really enjoying Farmer's Boy! I wish we had more time to do more of a unit study with it! I am so wanting an ipad!!!! They look like so much fun!