Monday, January 23, 2012

(Week 21) Adventures Week 17: Wilderness Road & Kentucky

We were lucky enough to have my niece Shayla staying with for a week, who did school with us. It was so much fun for all of the kids, and somehow, I’m not sure how, but we managed to get more school done with an extra kid, than when it’s just my three blessings.

(Side Note: my camera broke this week so I have no pictures from during the week only the very beginning and the very end, since my mother in law was gracious enough to let me try hers out while we’re shopping for a new one).


I have Treyton working on memorizing the books of the Old Testament now. It’s a part of his AWANA program, it’s going to be a while before he needs it memorized, but I thought we would start it now. So far he’s gotten to 1 & 2 Chronicles.

American History and States

We read the story of a family who traveled the Wilderness Road to Kentucky in our American Pioneers and Patriots book. Every story we read in this book makes me like it more. Seriously, the stories are adorable and they are able to make history really come alive for the kids.

In the first story we read, we learned how they made their clothes, from shearing the sheep, to making their own yarn to actually sewing the fabric. It’s amazing the process they went through back then, that we completely take for granted with our drawers full of clothes, some we don’t even wear. Coincidently, we also read about Sheep Shearing in Farmer Boy.

IMG_0173_edited-1This week for our state studies we learned about the state of Kentucky. Treyton loved the Cardinal state bird, he said he wished it was ours :)



We’re on step 3 in level 2 of All About Spelling. We learned about using the level y at the end of words instead of i. This was a pretty easy level for Treyton and he breezed right through it. (I love these weeks).


Read Alouds (Treyton & Alexa)


We continued to work on our addition and subtraction flashcards, and through his math book completing subtraction under 100. He’s doing great. As we’re getting back into the swing of school his math skills are significantly improving, and by improving I mean recalling basic math facts. Which is a big relief, I was getting a little worried that he may have forgotten them all. :)

IMG_0003Language Arts

We started Explode the Code book 3, which focuses on long vowel sounds, adding a silent e at the end of a word. This is mostly review for Treyton, so he’s completed 2 lessons this week without much help from me. I like that we are doing a little bit more phonics work, sometimes Treyton tries to take short-cuts when reading, all this review is teaching him to slow down a bit.

I made some printable –ed word flash cards (planted, worked, jumped, etc.) and then made three columns (d, t, and ed). We talked about when a word ends in –ed it could make one of these three sounds, as he read the words he sorted the three words into one of the columns. IMG_0004

In Language Lessons we are learning about subjects, predicates, nouns and verbs. Individually he does good “worksheet work” but now that we’re trying to distinguish them a little bit, it’s a little bit tougher for him. The problem, like with most problem-areas for Treyton is the word-recall and not a lack of knowledge. He struggles remembering words/names, so he may “learn it” but without the ability to remember the word “subject” the knowledge doesn’t do him much good. With lots of repetition he eventually learns what he needs to learn, and so that’s the plan… repeating these concepts, often so he can remember them. I may want to slow down a little bit and find some hands-on, game like things to ensure mastery.


Snow Days

Finally we got a little bit of snow this week for the kids to play in. They spent every day outside this week. Strangely enough Wednesday was 40 degrees, Thursday it was snowing, so it was quite the swing in temperature and playing experience.


IMG_0126 (Here is Treyton “warming up” both himself and the outdoors) IMG_0129All bundled up…. 

IMG_0144    … and working hard.

Next week is Eli Whitney and Tennessee….

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