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(Week 23): Adventures Week 19 - Ohio

State Studies:

We learned about Ohio this week. Treyton has known this state for a while, but he does still get it confused at times with both Indiana and Kentucky. This week we really worked on learning it’s location and I think he got it!! January 2012 044

Treyton loves all things football (and I mean LOVES), so whenever we introduce a new state he asks if they have a football team. Ohio has two, one that Treyton likes and one that he doesn’t, so that was pretty exciting for him. 

Tim remembered this cute illustrated story he was taught when he was a kid – something about a rabbit hiding in a log, and trying to find it by chopping the log.

IMG_0410He told it to the kids this week, Treyton thought it was pretty interesting. IMG_0411

Reading List:

In addition to our My Father’s World Studies, we also rowed the book “Lentil” by Robert McCloskey this week, it felt good to row a book again! You can read about it here. (POST TO BE ADDED)

Some other read-alouds we enjoyed were:

New England Primer

We learned about what Pioneer schools were like in the 1800s and how they used the New England Primer to learn how to read. We made our own one to use and look at. January 2012 042 

January 2012 043Math: Money

In Singapore 1B, Treyton is learning how to add coins and dollars. We’ve worked on this before, and he didn’t really pick up on it, but this time he seems to be getting it. He is amazing at adding the coins together in his head – seriously, the kid is really good at mental math!!

Phonics: Compound Words & Syllable Segmenting

The last couple of weeks in his reading, I’ve been noticing him struggle with some simple compound words, and syllable segmenting. So we took some time this week to play a few games and focus on these phonics skills.

Coincidently, in his All About Spelling, we also focused on this, it was really nice that we were coming at it from both directions – both reading and spelling, I think it helped him to see the “whole picture”.

We will be focusing on this over the next several weeks, using some different printables and games I’ve found (check at the bottom of the post)

January 2012 010


My friend Jessica recommend an on-line game called Makaziville, that we started playing this week. Treyton loved it, but I think I loved it even more!! In this game your child “travels to Tanzania” as a missionary to build a village and to translate the Bible for the natives. This game includes daily devotions and challenges to earn coins to help build the village. I highly recommend it!!

Treyton was asking again this week about why a Bible is such a big book. Last year in MFW first grade we did this activity, but I decided to do it again. I asked Treyton how many books are in the Bible – he knew “It’s 66!” We took out 66 story books to illustrate just how many that actually is. January 2012 002

The kids continue to work on learning the Books of the Bible for AWANA. I have them watch it on YouTube during our daily board time, and it has really helped them. Treyton is up to Nehemiah of the Old Testament, and knows the entire New Testament. January 2012 006

Farmer Boy: Potato Plant

January 2012 065A few weeks ago, Treyton planted a potato planted, he continues to water it and take great care of it, including rotate it every day for it to get proper sunlight from our little window. It’s doing well. This week we added some dirt around the roots to help make them stronger. January 2012 066

Learning our Zip Code

Treyton has known our address for a while, but he hasn’t known our zip code, this week we started working on memorizing it – he learned it on the first day, I don’t know why I waited so long. :)

January 2012 001 

I-Pad App

January 2012 020

I downloaded a new app this week called Jetpack it has games for both reading and math. Treyton worked on addition and subtraction facts this week using this game.

Helpful Links for Compounds and Syllable Segmenting Lessons:

Compound Words: Ice Cream Cones (from First Grade Teachers)

Syllable Split Game at Fun 4 the Brain

Syllable Printables and Games – Curriculum from FCRR

Compound Word Video and Game at Spelling City

Syllable Segmenting at Spelling City 

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