Friday, February 17, 2012

R is for Rainbow

Alexa learned about the letter Rr this week.

Colors of a Rainbow

We went through the colors of the rainbow, first by coloring a rainbow picture, and then gave her the do-a-dots to create her own rainbow. IMG_0643

When she started her rainbow, she did really great with the red, but then she put the orange to far down. I told her she was going to run out of room, so she tried to move the orange up a bit (by adding more) :). She did a really great job. After running out of space, she simply added the blue, green and purple up at the top of the page (lest they be forgotten). :)

Rainbow Color Book

I made this book with Treyton and thought it was such a cute idea, I decided to do it again, this time with Lexie. IMG_0711 I put pieces of construction paper together for all the colors of the rainbow. I then stapled them, and drew the shape of a rainbow (with clouds) and cut them out (on top of one another). I then had Alexa take stickers of items for each color and stick them to the appropriate page. IMG_0713

Example: Red fire truck on the red page, orange basketball on orange page.

Rainbow Letters

I printed off these fun letter matching cards from Confessions of a Homeschool. I love that one of our rainbow activities was a full alphabet activity and not just focused on the letter R.    IMG_0678    IMG_0693 

Tie Dye Shirts

Tim had the fun idea of doing tie dye shirts. Mommer was here and ran out to pick up the stuff we needed. She did a great job – even picking up some new white underwear we could tie dye for Treyton!! (Too cute, in my opinion)  IMG_0722The kids and I really enjoyed dying them, though it was messy. IMG_0725I helped Alexa a lot, but Treyton could mostly do it on his own, with close supervision. Alexa was interested in her own shirt, but then she was done. Treyton on the other hand couldn’t get enough.   IMG_0726    

Fruit Loop Rainbow Necklace

Alexa made a fruit loop rainbow necklace. IMG_0703I was proud that she kept the rainbow pattern going for the entire necklace.  IMG_0705 It lasted for about 2 hours before she ate the entire thing!


Button Sorting

I had Alexa sort our collection of buttons into a muffin tray. IMG_0714It was an easy enough activity for her, but she enjoyed it.

IMG_0715Audrey enjoyed a little button play as well :)    IMG_0717

Confessions of a Homeschooler Printables

IMG_0697Find and Circle the Letter Rr

IMG_0692Size Sorting

IMG_0695R is for Rainbow Puzzle

IMG_0708Numbers 1-10 in Order

IMG_0710Letter R Writing Page

Rainbow Writing

We used fun rainbow writing to practice several of the letters that Alexa has already learned. IMG_0733She really liked this exercise, and I’ve caught her doing it on her own several times since I introduced it in school.  


Math: Counting by Twos


I introduced counting by twos this week, we sang the song up to 10… she of course catches on to songs pretty quickly, so it was pretty easy, we shall see if she remembers it.

Math: Tracing the Number Two


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Celebration

Before this year, I never really took the time to talk to the kids about Valentines Day. To be honest, neither Tim or I celebrate “the holiday” or think much about it, so often times the holiday would come and go before I would ever consider doing anything to celebrate it. This year I did slightly better than previous years.

I picked up valentine cards, card sets, heart stickers and some valentines puzzles for the kids to color and give away. We started the week before valentines day working on putting our valentines cards together for our friends and family.





Audrey, of course was involved in her own way… lately she has been writing and coloring with her face literally “on” the paper…. who know’s what she’s thinking :)


I also picked up some wooden valentine masks for $1, Treyton really likes these and asked me to get him some more a while back, and I thought this would be a good time.





Mommer was here last week and picked up some valentine treats for the kids – to say they enjoyed them would be an understatement.





IMG_0670I know compared to most families, we didn’t do much, but this was a lot for us.  Maybe we’ll do more next year. :)

Week 25: (Adv. Week 21) Robert Fulton, IN, MS & FIAR: Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel

Treyton found Robert Fulton’s life and story pretty interesting so we not only read it out of the Story of the U.S. book, we also read a couple Robert Fulton books from the library.

Read Alouds:

Robert Fulton:

After reading our books on the life of Robert Fulton, Treyton completed a notebooking page for his American History Notebook.


We also placed his timeline figure on the timeline. Treyton is excited to see our timeline really “booming” in the early 1800s.

State Pages


IMG_0748  IMG_0747 FIAR: Mike Mulligan

To go along with our studies of steam engines we rowed the FIAR book “Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel” by Virginia Lee Burton.

I ordered this book, instead of getting it from the library this time because the kids enjoyed “Katy and the Big Snow”, so much, plus it came with a CD, which I was excited about, for both the kids love listening to story books on CD.

Shape Review

We went ahead and reviewed our shapes, which the kids are not the strongest in remembering, so it was nice to spend a little review time on them.


Square Brownies

We made a pan of brownies, which I had Treyton cut a “neat square” from. IMG_0676We then added a little digger and lots of “dirt” (graham cracker crumbs). IMG_0684It was not only cute, it was yummy, too!     IMG_0689 


Steam Experiment

We tried to complete a steam experiment with a pinwheel, but it didn’t work as well as I expected. It would not really turn the pinwheel at all. But I was still able to explain how it was supposed to work, and the concept behind the steam “technology”.

Steam Technology

I got a DVD from the library called “The Way Things Work: Steam Power” imageTreyton really enjoyed it and learned a lot, I’m excited because our system, has quite a few DVDs from this series, and I plan on using them!!



Treyton finished his Singapore 1B math book this week and was SUPER excited to do so! Next week we will start Singapore Math 2A.


Language Arts & Explode the Code 

Treyton is flying through book 3, and I expect him to finish it up next week and to start with book 4. We didn’t complete any of our Language Lessons or All About Spelling this week, due to time, but will pick them back up next week. IMG_0645 I also had him complete a few more compound worksheets that I found on-line, he completed them with no mistakes. I’ve noticed a drastic improvement in his reading recently and I think part of it is accredited to him actually understanding and being able to break down syllables better.


Farmer Boy

We finished reading Farmer Boy, a few weeks behind schedule, but at least we finished. We really enjoyed the book, and Treyton would ask to read it, but with all the detail, he missed out on a lot of what the book has to offer. Next we are supposed to read On the Banks of Plum Creek, but I have decided to hold off on reading the Laura Ingalls books until I feel like both of the kids will get more out of them. They are such incredible books, and I really want the kids to learn all that they can from them.

I am thinking next week starting “Sarah Plain and Tall”…. we’ll see though.


History Review

I received a free copy of Learn our History “The Birth of the Revolution” DVD, which I had the kids watch. Treyton was so excited as he recognized things that we have learned about – like the Boston tea party! I appreciated some of the Biblical references (like Moses and the Exodus) but did not really appreciate the dynamic between the time traveling students. One of the boys was crushing on one of the girls, there was a “bully” of the group, that was not very kind to his fellow students. The history part, good, the social part, not so great. 


Next week we will be learning about Illinois, Alabaman and the Wagon Trail.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 24: Louisiana Purchase, Louisiana and Alligators

IMG_0628This week we learned about the state of Louisiana, the Louisiana Purchase, and alligators. Back in October I was blessed to be able to take the kids (with my sister and her daughter) to visit the great state of Louisiana and our dad and other family. I was born in Louisiana and though I only lived there for 2 years, I was raised with strong Louisiana ties. 

Louisiana Read-Alouds:


While we were visiting in October, we actually did a swamp tour, which was way fun, and got pretty close to some real-life wild alligators. Treyton also got along with my dad great – as they bonded over their love of swords and other weapons on destruction. :) I pulled out some pictures from our trip and the postcards from family to add to our state page – I love when we are able to add such personalized aspects to our pages.  IMG_0631

Louisiana Purchase Notebooking Page

Jan-Feb 2012 030

Treyton is really enjoying putting together notebooking pages for his history notebook the last couple of weeks. To be honest, this surprised me a little bit, but of course I’m excited about the possibilities.


Dinner: Gumbo

MFW recommended a red beans and rice dinner, but that’s not one of my personal favorite Louisiana dishes, so instead we made Gumbo for dinner this week. We love gumbo at our house!! It was super yummy!

Language Arts: Syllables

Jan-Feb 2012 015Treyton is exceeding my expectations in breaking down syllables to read them. I printed this game from the Florida website I recommended last week, which has several other similar printables to use.

State Review:

Jan-Feb 2012 016 Treyton always enjoys putting together his Melissa and Doug floor puzzle. I usually do a little review with him once the puzzle is completed.   Jan-Feb 2012 046We played our Great States game this week. Alexa actually won, and Treyton and I tied for second.

Jan-Feb 2012 048 Home Economics: New Responsibilities

Treyton has been able to make Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches on his own, for a while now, but he’s been asking me a lot lately to teach him how to cook more, particularly for lunch. I decided to teach him how to cook using the oven. Jan-Feb 2012 057After showing him how to read the directions and turn on the oven, while it was preheating, I coached him on how hot it was going to be, and how he could touch the pan putting it in, but not taking it out. We took some time practicing how to use the pot holders holding the pan, and grabbing it out, by placing the tray in the cabinets. This was a great way to practice, and when it came time for the real deal, putting in the tray and taking it out – he did AWESOME! He had a little bit of healthy fear, but overall he did great. Jan-Feb 2012 056

Treyton has also been asking me for a while to let him do the laundry. Sometimes, I let him help with the soap, but beyond that, I work most everything else. This week I had him put in and start one full load in the wash. He was super pumped!  Jan-Feb 2012 063Treyton has also been LOVING all of his new baby cousins. He loves to hold them, snuggle them, rub his face up against their’s and even when they are a little restless he does a really great job. He can’t leave them alone, seriously, it’s adorable and something that this mama treasures in her heart.


Read Alouds:

In honor of learning about alligators - I had Treyton watch the first episode of Swamp People on our netflix, which not only showed lots of alligator action and hunting, but also showed some of the beautiful swamps of southern Louisiana. Back in October while visiting my Dad in Louisiana, we actually went on a swamp tour, which Treyton was very fond of and remembers vividly.

Alligator Paper Craft

Both of the kids did the alligator craft from DLTK-Teach. I didn’t take a picture of the two pictures – I’ll try to get them on here soon (maybe). 

Alligator Notebooking Page

Jan-Feb 2012 089

Treyton really enjoys learning about Alligators and other reptiles. He had a hard time, the day my sister was here, but he really didn’t want to be doing school that day anyway, but the next day he really got into it.

Math: Money

Treyton is nearing the end of his math book this week, which is like the best thing since sliced bread for him – no seriously, the kid gets ecstatic over finishing a book. This week we focused on money/cents, which he seems to finally be grasping. I printed off a Money Booklet @ Teachers Pay Teachers for free, which he enjoyed making.