Thursday, February 9, 2012

Letter T: Turtle

The letter T was super easy for Alexa, she completed all of her Explode the Code work pages by day two.

Confessions of a Homeschooler Printables

Jan-Feb 2012 010 Pre-writing practice

Jan-Feb 2012 011 Letter Hunt

Jan-Feb 2012 026Turtle Patterns

Jan-Feb 2012 029Turtle Puzzle

Jan-Feb 2012 039Letter Practice

Shape Turtle

Jan-Feb 2012 012I can’t remember where I found this craft at, it’s a shape turtle, she colored the pieces and cut them out and then we pieced them together to make a colorful, shape-full turtle. Jan-Feb 2012 017 

Jan-Feb 2012 022

Rainbow Turtle Craft

Jan-Feb 2012 055

Letter T Cards     Jan-Feb 2012 031 

Building a Tower

Jan-Feb 2012 033  T is for Tissue Paper

Jan-Feb 2012 042 

Math: Shape Folder Game

Jan-Feb 2012 068

Jan-Feb 2012 067

Tot School for Audrey

Jan-Feb 2012 044Audrey’s favorite activity continues to be the do-a-dot markers. Which she probably asks for every day.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Jan-Feb 2012 077 We’ve never done Valentines day cards before, but this year while Alexa and I were at Hobby Lobby, we decided to pick up a box of cards for each of the kids. Alexa started working on her’s this week.

Jan-Feb 2012 078

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