Friday, February 17, 2012

R is for Rainbow

Alexa learned about the letter Rr this week.

Colors of a Rainbow

We went through the colors of the rainbow, first by coloring a rainbow picture, and then gave her the do-a-dots to create her own rainbow. IMG_0643

When she started her rainbow, she did really great with the red, but then she put the orange to far down. I told her she was going to run out of room, so she tried to move the orange up a bit (by adding more) :). She did a really great job. After running out of space, she simply added the blue, green and purple up at the top of the page (lest they be forgotten). :)

Rainbow Color Book

I made this book with Treyton and thought it was such a cute idea, I decided to do it again, this time with Lexie. IMG_0711 I put pieces of construction paper together for all the colors of the rainbow. I then stapled them, and drew the shape of a rainbow (with clouds) and cut them out (on top of one another). I then had Alexa take stickers of items for each color and stick them to the appropriate page. IMG_0713

Example: Red fire truck on the red page, orange basketball on orange page.

Rainbow Letters

I printed off these fun letter matching cards from Confessions of a Homeschool. I love that one of our rainbow activities was a full alphabet activity and not just focused on the letter R.    IMG_0678    IMG_0693 

Tie Dye Shirts

Tim had the fun idea of doing tie dye shirts. Mommer was here and ran out to pick up the stuff we needed. She did a great job – even picking up some new white underwear we could tie dye for Treyton!! (Too cute, in my opinion)  IMG_0722The kids and I really enjoyed dying them, though it was messy. IMG_0725I helped Alexa a lot, but Treyton could mostly do it on his own, with close supervision. Alexa was interested in her own shirt, but then she was done. Treyton on the other hand couldn’t get enough.   IMG_0726    

Fruit Loop Rainbow Necklace

Alexa made a fruit loop rainbow necklace. IMG_0703I was proud that she kept the rainbow pattern going for the entire necklace.  IMG_0705 It lasted for about 2 hours before she ate the entire thing!


Button Sorting

I had Alexa sort our collection of buttons into a muffin tray. IMG_0714It was an easy enough activity for her, but she enjoyed it.

IMG_0715Audrey enjoyed a little button play as well :)    IMG_0717

Confessions of a Homeschooler Printables

IMG_0697Find and Circle the Letter Rr

IMG_0692Size Sorting

IMG_0695R is for Rainbow Puzzle

IMG_0708Numbers 1-10 in Order

IMG_0710Letter R Writing Page

Rainbow Writing

We used fun rainbow writing to practice several of the letters that Alexa has already learned. IMG_0733She really liked this exercise, and I’ve caught her doing it on her own several times since I introduced it in school.  


Math: Counting by Twos


I introduced counting by twos this week, we sang the song up to 10… she of course catches on to songs pretty quickly, so it was pretty easy, we shall see if she remembers it.

Math: Tracing the Number Two



Catie said...

The construction paper rainbow is a great idea. :) And I love the tie-dyed underwear!

Angela said...

I love your Rainbow day!! What a blast, I know my kids would love this, thank you for sharing!