Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Celebration

Before this year, I never really took the time to talk to the kids about Valentines Day. To be honest, neither Tim or I celebrate “the holiday” or think much about it, so often times the holiday would come and go before I would ever consider doing anything to celebrate it. This year I did slightly better than previous years.

I picked up valentine cards, card sets, heart stickers and some valentines puzzles for the kids to color and give away. We started the week before valentines day working on putting our valentines cards together for our friends and family.





Audrey, of course was involved in her own way… lately she has been writing and coloring with her face literally “on” the paper…. who know’s what she’s thinking :)


I also picked up some wooden valentine masks for $1, Treyton really likes these and asked me to get him some more a while back, and I thought this would be a good time.





Mommer was here last week and picked up some valentine treats for the kids – to say they enjoyed them would be an understatement.





IMG_0670I know compared to most families, we didn’t do much, but this was a lot for us.  Maybe we’ll do more next year. :)

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