Thursday, March 29, 2012

Preschool: Letters S and N

Lexie’s is flying through learning her letters, the truth is, she knows all of her letters and all but 3 of the letters sounds well. In fact, we have started learning how certain letters make more than one sound (ex: c, s, g), and she is mastering that concept easily as well.

We continue to do a letter a week, in the same style that we have been up to this point, mostly because she enjoys “school” rather than she needs it or is learning much while doing it. IMG_0987We are using pieces from Confessions of a Homeschooler, 1+1+1=1, Homeschool Creations and random crafts I find on line as we continue through our ETC Book B. IMG_1096

Alexa is an easy student to teach, as she picks up things easily and memorizing facts is a piece of cake. IMG_0969

Handwriting Practice  IMG_1060 Alexa struggled for a while with writing the letter k but she’s got it down pretty good now. I am so proud of her letter writing skills. She is incredible, isn’t she?

Blending Sounds

In addition to our workbox/daily work that she does, I have begun adding a few “pre-reading” skills. Like blending a single consonant with a vowel (only the letter a at this point). She is picking this skill up pretty easily, needing to coached and encouraged at the beginning of each blending session, but after one or two assists, she manages pretty well on her own. IMG_1002

Counting by 2s

She has been counting by 2s up to 10 for a while, I keep trying to get her to go higher, she isn’t very interested but with Treyton’s encouragement she is usually willing to try.

Counting to 20

She easily counts to 20, though she still will skip or incorrectly say 15. She can easily count higher, but I’m not allowing her at this point until she masters 15.

Writing Numbers

She has written numbers 1-3 repeatedly, I plan on adding in 4 next week. She has traced numbers up to 9. IMG_1059

Math: Cuisenaire Rods

While Treyton and I were working on math one day, Alexa got to work playing with our Cuisenaire Rods. She grabbed out the 100 block and then I watched out of curiosity as she pieced together different size rods together to fill it completely in… IMG_1098

I was so proud at her puzzle skills!


Read Alouds

I am realizing that the majority of my read-aloud energy has been poured into Treyton’s school and academic level and as a result I am “leaving Lexie behind”. She has not developed the love of reading that Treyton had at this level, and I think it’s because I haven’t spent as much time reading her style and taste of books at her level with her.

I plan on implementing more story time for her, just for fun in the upcoming weeks.

Our Read-Alouds for the last several weeks include:


S is for Snowman



N is for Nest



Snow Day



Art: Painting




Our next two weeks are the letter J and H for Jesus and Hippo…. can’t wait!


Mama Teaching 3 said...

I love the little birds in a nest craft. My 19 month old loves birds! We are making that!

Michelle said...

I LOVE reading these posts :-) I've strated doing ETC with Channing and it's an absolute winner with him - he LOVES it!

Alexis said...

Where did you get the snow??? Ha Ha

Are the number handwriting sheets from Confessions?

Can't wait to see the post on the new daily "board/book".

Amber said...

Yes I got the number tracing sheets from confessions, here's the link