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Week 26 (Adv. 22) IL, AL, Going West by Wagon Train

If it seems like I haven’t been around, that’s because, I haven’t. We have managed to continue doing school, and have actually gotten some fun stuff done, but I have failed to muster the energy to open my laptop to post or update anything.

This week we studied Illinois, Alabama and the Wagon Train in My Father’s World.

Of course, there was so much more I had planned than we actually got done, but we did our best, and most importantly the kids still learned a thing or two.


In addition to the books that I read to them, the kids have developed a love for audio books. They much prefer having a book to read along with and while it doesn’t bother Treyton as much anymore, they really like for there to be page-turning sounds as well. IMG_0830

Lately, their favorites have been a Disney storybook including four stories: Lion King, Toy Story, Cars and…. one other one…. that I can’t remember right now.

They also continue to listen to Mike Mulligan and the Jesus Storybook Bible (but sadly, the Bible doesn’t have the page turning sounds).


Treyton (obviously) being such a huge Packer fan, does not appreciate the Chicago Bears. He couldn’t believe that we had to learn about Illinois (the 21st state) before we studied Wisconsin! IMG_0821

He did an incredible job coloring his state page this week. He doesn’t usually like taking the time to color nicely, but I knew that he could do it!  IMG_0824

IMG_0818Lexie working on her page :)

Treyton enjoys doing his state pages, but since I added the helmets of NFL teams (for the states that have them), it has added an entirely new enthusiasm to complete the page!

IMG_0817  IMG_0823


I know we completed our Alabama pages, but I must not have taken pictures that day because I can’t find them….

Treyton was very interested in both Helen Keller and Rosa Parks, and both of the books we read sparked great discussion. I am very grateful for the chance these books gave us to talk about both civil rights and special needs of people around us. Treyton is very inquisitive and sensitive to these type discussions, and I love the chance to have them with him and watch the Lord reveal the importance of HIS Love towards ALL people.

Wagon Train

We had some great discussion about the Wagon Train this week. About how dangerous and long the travels were out west, and what it must have been like. The American Pioneers and Patriots book does such a great job making it “real” through their amazing stories. IMG_0901

We talked about how they could bring much which them on their trip. To illustrate this we measured out the size of a wagon and talked about how much of our stuff would fit in the wagon, and how much we would have to leave behind.

We also made our own covered wagon, using a shoe box, chopsticks, parchment paper and the bottom of plastic cups (for the wheels). We didn’t have a horse or oxen to hook it up to so Treyton opted to use his 4-wheeler instead :)


State Song

We continue to slowly learn the fifty states that rhyme song (check youtube). IMG_0847Treyton and Alexa are to “Maryland, Massachusetts and good ‘ole Michigan”


State Location Review

  • Wisconsin
  • Michigan (where they make cars)
  • Minnesota
  • Louisiana
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts (thumb) 
  • New York
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Virginia
  • South Carolina (pirates)
  • Pennsylvania
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee (fish aquarium)
  • Kentucky
  • California
  • Washington
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Montana (they drive fast there)
  • Idaho (potatoes)

Books of the Bible: Old Testament

Treyton is working ahead in his AWANA book trying to memorize the books of the Old Testament. Last semester/year he learned the New Testament books. So far he is up to Proverbs.


We started his second math book last week. Treyton is so pumped to be in “second grade math”. It’s still pretty simple stuff, so he’s cruising through with no problem. 

Language Arts

The last few weeks have been the weeks “finishing our books”, IMG_0812as Treyton finished his Explode the Code book 3 this week. IMG_0914

In his Language Lessons book, he is learning about commas. I was surprised how quickly he understood how to use them. Of course it’s a learning process, but I expected him to not really get it, shows what I know.


I printed off some flashcards from this website for Treyton to better memorize notes for his piano. He continues to improve and learn more and more in his class, but it is tough for him (and I relate to it) to read the music as he’s playing. Typically what he does is memorize the song and then play it. He does have notes middle “do” – through “sol” memorized, and his teacher says this is fine, but I think it will be easier for him if he can memorize the notes.


We are still doing REAL Life Science, we have moved on to Animal Classification. Treyton completed a lab where he had to attempt to classify “blobs” from “Blobonia”. He got them all right – I didn’t! ;)

I am loving this science program, it’s easy but he’s still learning a lot.


While I have not been feeling the greatest, Treyton has stepped up in some very big ways, helping even more with lunches and his sisters. He entertains, comforts and feeds them, when I don’t always “feel” like it. He’s a great big brother and an amazing person, who just so happens to LOVE jelly! IMG_0865  IMG_0862

Links and Resources

Map of Western Trails

Western Expansion on Squidoo

Westward Ho! Lapbook @ Dynamic 2 Moms

A Covered Wagon Project using shoe box

Pioneer Covered Wagon using milk carton

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