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Week 27 (Adv. 23) Maine, Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan and the Pony Express

This week we focused on four new states as well as spent some time learning about the Pony Express.


Forgive me for a lack on pictures this week, I did manage to take some, but I know I missed some really great moments… we have been truly blessed to just be getting school done. I am so grateful that we are far enough in our year that Treyton knows what needs to be done and for the most part and do it on his own without too much guidance from me, otherwise, I don’t know if we would be doing school at all right now.

Read Alouds

 State Pages (that I actually took pictures of)



AWANA Verses

IMG_0967 We have come up with a really good system that is helping Treytom memorize his AWANA verses (this week he was working on the 23rd Psalms). I now write one word on a flashcard, we lay them out, and turn them over one at a time as he repeats his way through it. By the time he gets done turning all the cards over, he’s repeated the verse at least a dozen times, and for him, that’s all he really needs to have it memorized.


Pony Express

I don’t know what my interest was in the Pony Express, but it really struck a core with me.

Our favorite book this week was “Riding the Pony Express” by Clyde Robert Bulla, which I’m ashamed to say that I had put to the side as soon as we got it from the library, because it looked too long for me too read aloud to the kids this week (I was tired). However both of the kids ended up pulling it back out at different times and before we ever even got to our school week, Treyton had been drawn to several of the songs in the book, and decided to copy them for others to read as well. IMG_0971

Of course after he showed such interest, we decided to read it and it was a REALLY fun book.

I also used the pony express map out of our Interactive 3-D Map book for Treyton to use as a hands on tool. I seriously LOVE these maps. I did not have them color it this time, because for him, it really does take the joy out of the entire experience.    IMG_0976 

Additional Learning

IMG_0998The kids have always been great play mates, but now that I seem to be lounging around more and playing less, I’ve really seen their relationships blossom and grow even more. This week they spent several days working on different building block projects.

Each of them adding their own style to their creations!




We also decided to try and pull our potato plants this week. They had gotten pretty tall and had been around for what we felt like was a while…IMG_0981

… however, when we pulled them, all that was there were roots and the half of the potato that we had originally planted…. what’s up with that? IMG_0982I would have to say that we were both a little disappointed, but I think Treyton was secretly relieved because he hates eating potatoes (it’s one of the only foods he doesn’t like).  


My Father’s World has been having us learn different American songs, which we really enjoyed the first part of the year, but that we let slide for a few of the choices (Yankee Doodle, really confused Treyton and so we took a little music break after that one :)) This week we got back to it by trying to learn the Star Spangled Banner, Treyton refers to this song as “The Football Song” (for obvious reasons). He knew some of the words already, and we tried to work on the rest. I really want him to get this one, so we’re going to keep working on it, but I think it’s going to be tough for him, not being able to understand some of the words. I have explained the song repeatedly, and walked through it word-for-word, but it’s still a little tough for a first grader to understand.

BUT, he did remember the story from when we studied it last year while reading “Red, White and Blue and Uncle Who? The Stories Behind Some of America’s Patriotic Symbols” He didn’t remember the name, Francis Scott Key, but he remember the boat, the fight and the flag… which I think is a pretty good memory!

We also listened to some Pioneer songs on YouTube this week. We chose “Oh, Susana” and “Home on the Range”. The kids got a real kick out of “Oh Susana” and every time we would sing it they would say “That doesn’t make any sense!!”


I mentioned before that we have been using Pandia Press’ R.E.A.L Life Science, this week we learning about the Animal Kingdom and Classification.

We had an activity sheet where Treyton had to classify “blobs” into sets that he thought belonged together (the male and female). He got them all right…. I however, did not.

He also started to make his Animal Kingdom Folder for our upcoming studies.  IMG_1055

Language Arts

We finished up our Language Lessons for the Very Young book and started The Well Trained Mind First Language Lessons Level 1 (FLL). We are flying through the beginning, as most of it is review from the Language Lessons for the Very Young book (but good review), I am really enjoying it thus far. imageI am very happy with our choice to switch curriculum in this area. Treyton says he preferred the other book, but I think it’s only because the lessons were shorter (because I’m combining FLL to get through the review quickly), but I can already tell he is learning MUCH more effectively with this new program than the other. I like the way that FLL is scripted for the teacher making it so easy to teach correctly. Grammar/Language Lessons is not really my strong area, so I appreciate the completeness and clearness of the program, even at this simple level.

One thing that I’ve already noticed a big difference in (during school at least) is that Treyton is beginning to speak in more complete sentences, per the demand for it from First Language Lessons. I am very satisfied.

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